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My day job is accounting, and has been for the past eight years. Before that, I worked in management, which is a secondary interest, obviously tied to accounting. I have worked for small businesses and large corporations, including a stint at a regional accounting office for a Fortune 500 company.

I also teach accounting classes online. I find it worthwhile to help others learn about one of the most important parts of business: financial management. In addition to this online work, I have written various freelance articles on all topics accounting and business. Hubpages is just my latest foray into the online world of knowledge creation and dissemination.

My other interests include exercising and politics. New hubs on these topics may appear here soon. I have been on a personal journey to better myself physically, achieving a significant amount of weight loss over the past few years.

Politically, I discuss a range of topics, all from a conservative point of view. It's interesting to discover the lack of proper understanding in today's political climate. I often wonder why so many have fallen out of this interesting topic. American history cannot separate politics from human events; it is necessary to know politics in order to understand our country's history.

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