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    "Cheating" by the Rules: Making an Open Relationship Work

    5 years ago

    There are countless varieties of open relationships in the world and each of these situations has its own unique characteristics. Understanding a few key elements can help you create choices that will fit your lifestyle.

  • How You Know When You Did Your Job Right

    How You Know When You Did Your Job Right

    5 years ago

    As parents, I think we all feel like failures from time to time. There are those days when it seems we just can't do anything right and it feels like our kids are going to be the most messed up individuals on the face of the earth when they grow up....

  • Appreciating the little things in Life

    Appreciating the little things in Life

    6 years ago

    I'm going to share a secret with you all... Life isn't always fair. While that statement is true, there are many little things that the constant assault of unfairness can make us forget. I want to take a moment to be thankful for the little gifts...

  • The Haunted School House

    The Haunted School House

    6 years ago

      There is a place that stands alone, hidden from the roadway. A small building of stone and wood that once housed a classroom. The building still stands, if you could call it that. To be entirely truthful, it leans with age and lack of energy....

  • The Value Of A Hub

    The Value Of A Hub

    6 years ago

      Recently, my friend, Vern, wrote a humorous piece on the evolution of Hubpages from it's lowly beginnings in a Berkeley garage into the household name it is becoming. His hub got me thinking about the true value of Hubpages and our hubs.. ...

  • Another Marine was lost : Harry Lee Palmer 1942-2009

    Another Marine was lost : Harry Lee Palmer 1942-2009

    10 years ago

    TAMMS - Mr. Harry Lee Palmer, 67 of Tamms, formerly of Anna, died at 10:55 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009, in City Care Center in Cobden. He was born Jan. 1, 1942, in Oak Park, the son of Charles O. and Florine Warren Palmer. Harry is survived...

  • The Ghost Who Haunts Us

    The Ghost Who Haunts Us

    5 years ago

      Every year about this time, I am paid a visit by a ghost from my past. Like Ebeneezer Scrooge, my ghost comes to visit around the holidays. She is frightening and angry most of the time. The sad part of the story is my son shares this ghost...

  • The Straight Truth about Mental Illnesses & Disorders

    The Straight Truth about Mental Illnesses & Disorders

    6 years ago

      "But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come...

  • My Other Father

    My Other Father

    5 years ago

      First off, let me state, I love my father. I bear him no ill will and I wish him all of the good things life has to offer. He is a good man. A man of faith and convictions. A man who raised me, kept a roof over my head for 17 years and taught...

  • The Difference Between Need and Want

    The Difference Between Need and Want

    6 years ago

    Sometimes, the difference between one word and another can change the meaning of a sentence. In other cases, it can change the meaning of a life.

  • The Mourning Dove

    The Mourning Dove

    6 years ago

      Today I stepped outside. The snow was gently falling. I saw her land in the branches of the tree and soon the mourning dove was calling. It made me stop and wonder just what she had to mourn, flying high above the world on the breath of wind,...

  • Observations From The Window

    Observations From The Window

    6 years ago

      Reality no longer existed to him... It had become the mere ravings of a mind long deprived of sanity... Nightmares intruded upon him from every angle in the way that flies will swarm to a creature close to death... He took a step, and another,...

  • Freelancer Schedules or Does anybody have an hour I can borrow?

    Freelancer Schedules or Does anybody have an hour I can borrow?

    6 years ago

    What does a freelancer do? This humorous look at the daily life of freelance writer, Larry Ray Palmer, provides some insight into the often misunderstood concept of being self-employed.

  • Tools For Helping Children With Autism : Play Therapy for the Autistic Child

    Tools For Helping Children With Autism : Play Therapy for the Autistic Child

    10 years ago

    When our son, Travis, was diagnosed with autism, my wife and I knew we had one mission. No matter what, he is our son and will receive the very best that we can provide for him...

  • The Freelance Life

    The Freelance Life

    6 years ago

    A brief synopsis of the origin of the freelance writer. Writing is an art form that has been developed over the centuries. This is one author's view of how the craft has evolved into its present state of being.


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