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Passionate about love, living, laughter, liberty, learning, listening, loosening up, lounging, lunch, liveliness, literacy, lip stick, letting my hair down, leaping, leaning, libido, language, looking, lucidity,letters, light, lifting, linking, looking, lodging, luxury, loyalty, lemons, luxuriating, and lyrics.

BS Communication

MA Art Education

Doctoral Candidate Alternative Educational Psychology

Founder/Director MODE of Cosmic Therapy School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences

Published Author, MODE of Cosmic Therapy Executive Therapist, Professional Motivational Speaker, Psychoanalytic Spiritual Scientist, Astro/Esoteric Arts and Science Counselor, Perfumer, Continuing Esoteric Education Adult Instructor, Professional Astrologer, Numerologist, Dream Counselor, Radio/Television Creator/Host, Recognized Artist, Nationally Charted Songwriter-Singer-Entertainer, Mentor-Life-Coach-Expert Instructor Esoteric Arts and Sciences, Regionally Acknowledged Playwright, Self-Taught Chef, and Avid student of life and lover of humanity.

I am passionate about what makes us distinctively energetically human. IF we are all Gods in the Making, who have simply forgotten our divine heritage, then, there is little doubt, we are all hardwired from the beginning (from a sacred biological DNA genetic perspective) which would include a cosmological parallel penetrative universal coding whose unique combination substantiates, modifies and influences our personal viewpoint (mental outlook). With 45 years of devoted intrigue, incessant reading, committed interest, unending investigation, and by/through the conducting of in-depth investigative, interrogative interviews, including delving, deciphering, decoding and delivering innumerable real life transcripts of documented field research of intricately detailed comparisons and contrasts, the massive bulkhead ascertained and accumulated has served to form the theorized foundation of my present work. According to the latest research in quantum physics, everything is inherently connected. IF this hypothesis is anywhere near the truth, nothing can be dismissed as unimportant/insignificant; even the pattern formed by the stars at the precise moment of one's birth carries some sort of predisposed mind's weight. Like Shakespeare so aptly stated, "Much more left unseen than seen." {paraphrased}

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Arts and Science Continuing Adult Educator


Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic: Astrological Houses


The Subject of Desire: Amazon


Just AroundThe Corner: Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/1566641624?tag=roleplayfantasy&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=1566641624&adid=0B9WHH34QYQN7DT2AWDS&

Most recent 'crime and mystery' novel, "Simon Says", (chapter by chapter) available on: http://www.fanstory.com/mypage.jsp

Esoteric Psychological Interactive Psycho-Analytic Therapy www.modeofcosmictherapyE-MailO-Gram [FREE]

Publisher/CEO www.Lamp Magic Publishing.com

Esoteric Adult Education Instructor

Exercutive MODE of Cosmic Therapy Counselor

Professional Esoteric Astrologer/Numerologist/Dream Analyst www.modeofcosmictherapy.com

MODE Esoteric Articles www.modeofcosmictherapy.com

Creator/ Host MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Hour Television Series

Founder/C.E.O. www.MODEInternationalSchoolofEsotericArtsandSciences

Innovator: [FREE] www.MODEofCosmicTherapyE-MailO-Gram

Executive Director "Masters Of Divine Essence" Adult Learning www.modeofcosmictherapy.com

Innovator Esoteric Arts Self-Discovery Instructor: www.modeofcosmictherapyE-mail-O-Gram

Professional Entertainer/Motivational Speaker www.PaulaAndreaPyle.com

Executive Creator/Perfumer www.Zabania.com

M.O.D.E 'Magical LIfe' Consultations www.Paulaandreapyle.com

Member of BMI

Master Sound Records

Online Art Gallery http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/paula-andrea-pyle.html

Online Music Directory http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1097985

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Artwork: www.FanStoryArtReview.com/paulaandreapyle

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Psychoanalytic Astrological Sessions www.modeofcosmictherapy.com

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