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A Snazzy Little Tune!

Updated on July 22, 2015
Solitude of Soul's Rhapsody
Solitude of Soul's Rhapsody | Source

Living What We Have Lived Through.

IF we take a moment, to show genuine gratitude for the most incomprehensible special significance of our life's altering journey {I'm talking about the good times, as well as, the so-called bad}, LIFE and DEATH, we will begin to see the 'jazzed up tapestry' which has been formed by all of the hurtful elements involved. Then, and ONLY, then can we start to incorporate and be truly thankful for the incalculable bearings which move our motors.

Too often, the rug of familiar security is yanked from beneath our feet and we land on our faces with the gritty dirt of unexpected, unpleasant and unwanted reality crammed down our mouths. We moan, groan, and phone any and every body who will be kind enough to listen for the first 18 times, then, it's time to clean the ill-suited dirt out of our mouths and start singing a new song.

That's right. I said enough is enough and too much ain't good for nothing! Everything that has transpired or ever will transpire works a marvelous miraculous process which enables us to live more fully alive, aware and auspiciously appreciative.

Up until, through and after those times of incalculable misery or elation, we are unable to take in higher truths which beforehand were sealed off from us and to us. Why? Because we were not willing to face the fact that we are not who we thought we were going to be. IN other words, "You can't take you where you are going."

Change up, time! The seasons changed while we were not looking. The proverbial question stares us in the face: What are we going to with us, NOW that everything we clung to so tenaciously and desperately has slipped down the tunnel?

We are too fast to label and too slow to unravel the backstory of our lives in the exact perfect way the things have played out! Nothing is wrong. It never has been. It won't ever be. Accept it. Point me in the direction of the piano and show me the keys; I'll blast you out a snazzy tune about the ineffable glory of it all!


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