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  • Creation and Destruction

    Creation and Destruction

    16 months ago

    Nearly every human endeavor requires that something be created or destroyed in order for us to exist, as we know how to exist. Where there is birth, there is death. Where there are laws, people break them. Despite the measures taken by...

  • Dream - A four year olds nightmare

    Dream - A four year olds nightmare

    16 months ago

    I was raised in a wee part of the eastern shores of Lake Rotorua. There were eight or nine homes that surrounded our Marae which were at least five minutes walk apart and at most 30 minutes walk apart. The families dwelling in these homes were all...

  • Eyes of the Soul

    Eyes of the Soul

    16 months ago

    If I look in to another’s eyes The physical I do not see It’s the soul that lies deep within Looking always back at me It says much more about itself Than the words I often hear Its says I’m you and you are me Its just bodies we do not share...

  • Death - A Journey

    Death - A Journey

    16 months ago

    This poem was inspired by a fellow hubber who posed a question on the forums. How does one prepare for death? Whether it be ourselves or loved ones, can any one or any thing really prepare us for that transition? Can anyone or any thing prepare...

  • Mother Natures Beauty

    Mother Natures Beauty

    16 months ago

    Mother Nature and her ostentatious display of both power and beauty is both humbling and sacred. In every country, in every, town Mother Nature expresses herself uniquely and unashamedly.

  • Love-The Rhythm of Life

    Love-The Rhythm of Life

    16 months ago

    There are many shades of love depending on our perception of love. Then there is unconditional love that needs no attachments to be experienced in my humble opinion. This love has no conditions and includes but is not limited to....Kindness,...

  • On Oneness

    On Oneness

    16 months ago

    The illusion of separation prevents us from experiencing the oneness. The connection we have with all things separated only by perception. Beyond the fringes of perception though we experience oneness

  • An Artists Mastery

    An Artists Mastery

    16 months ago

    This hub was inspired by art made by Castlepaloma. He has excellent hubs that display the masterful artistry of his hands. Check it out, you won't be disappointed! I love art in all its various forms and recognize that there is an innate ability...

  • Veil of Illusion

    Veil of Illusion

    16 months ago

    Beyond the fringes of perception Way before the echoes of time Resides a door to eternity That all who seek shall find There, the darkness and light with minds and souls do blend The veil of illusion is lifted No...

  • Earth Vision

    Earth Vision

    9 months ago

    Out of the mighty universe came bright and colorful lights Shimmering and glistening In the blackest of wintery nights Gold light sent an aura of joy That echoed through the land Uplifting the spark of soul Hidden in the hearts of man Angelic...

  • A unified collective consciousness

    A unified collective consciousness

    16 months ago

    In the collective consciousness if there is division we lose much of our power to create the change we desire. In this instance, perhaps our desire is to create a more peaceful existence, History demonstrates well mans effort to live a more peaceful...

  • Grief - Loss of a loved one

    Grief - Loss of a loved one

    16 months ago

    Grief is like a mighty ocean In the midst of a raging storm merciless waves of pain unleashed No sign of loving reform It is like a fog of depression that threatens to never lift. Akin to the clouds of despair that sends all joy adrift ...

  • A Majestic Presence

    A Majestic Presence

    16 months ago

    The cool kisses of autumn’s breath Gently stirred my soul I heard its tender whisperings Of ancient truths untold The tranquil mists of silence Gracefully set down In my mind I now was free The jewels of life I found But then the fingers of...

  • Unique Perceptions

    Unique Perceptions

    16 months ago

    Unique perceptions have captured my attention since I can remember and have given me many moments of pause for contemplative inquiry into the uniqueness of human nature and our perceptions. My observations as written are therefore subject to change...


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