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  • Unexplained Mysteries - Over the tea cups

    Unexplained Mysteries - Over the tea cups

    6 years ago

    In the pursuit for knowledge man has discovered many weird and wonderful things about our universe and everything in it. At least, everything they know that is in it. However, there is so much more that is not known and perhaps may never know. In...

  • Prediction (3) Death the Transformation

    Prediction (3) Death the Transformation

    7 years ago

    This hub is the final and last instalment of three experiences I thought I would share. They occurred between the ages of 20 and 33. The first instalment can be found here.....the 2nd instalment can be found here..... Prior to these strange events...

  • Prediction (2) - Death the Enigma

    Prediction (2) - Death the Enigma

    7 years ago

    This hub is the second instalment of three experiences I thought I would share. They occurred between the ages of 20 and 33. The first instalment can be found here..... Prior to these strange events happening, I had always viewed predictions as...

  • Prediction (1) - Death the stranger.

    Prediction (1) - Death the stranger.

    3 years ago

    Death is possibly one of lifes mysteries that will remain unsolved forever and a day. Near death experiences are intriguing but do they explain the actual journey? It is still a fascinating subject.

  • Warrior Spirit - A poem

    Warrior Spirit - A poem

    6 years ago

    I am a warrior of a different sort I never use violence or aggressive force An armor of love protects me from hate A shield of humility keeps my ego in place A sword of compassion I wield now and then To clear past illusions constructed by...

  • When Santa Cries

    When Santa Cries

    7 years ago

    With Christmas being just around the corner, I was pondering over whether or not to write something Christmas-sy. I found inspiration in two very different hubs. These hubs, in my opinion, are an excellent read and I highly recommend them. The...

  • Desert Rose - A poem

    Desert Rose - A poem

    7 years ago

    Books, for me, are magical in nature. Depending on the writer, sometimes, books can transport my mind from this reality (the reality of now) into a reality of another, plotted out by the skill of the writer. In my journey through the pages of a...

  • Losing Kitty

    Losing Kitty

    8 years ago

    I was responding to a comment in my Armageddon hub the other day and it bought to mind an incident that happened a few years after the Armageddon dream. This was written in one of my journals and I thought I would share it with you. One cool...

  • The tree of knowledge of good and evil - A metaphor view

    The tree of knowledge of good and evil - A metaphor view

    3 years ago

    'You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you [shall surely] die.' You will not surely die," the serpent said to the woman. "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be...

  • Prisoners of Mind

    Prisoners of Mind

    7 years ago

    Haunting melodies of things long gone Played their melancholy tune Along the mantel of ancient relics Hidden in the cavern of doom Twisting their way through the Tunnels of mind Seeking the light of day Their tune so muffled they...

  • What is Reality?

    What is Reality?

    2 years ago

    The canopy of the night sky Features ornamental lights Stars of a vast Universe Only ever seen at night The mystical moon star Flaunts her silvery beams Sending magical wisps of mystery Which affect the nature of dreams The...

  • Armageddon - A dream

    Armageddon - A dream

    3 years ago

    This was written back in the nineties and was recorded as it was remembered the next morning. There is a sequel that is in a journal that I cannot find. Some of my dreams have had sequels and because I do not have the same journal at my bedside the...

  • Judgement


    7 years ago

    Judgement is useful when we need to judge when we need to sleep, eat, relax etc. It becomes less useful when we judge another person on their actions or words. We sometimes do not realize we are making judgements on another’s actions and/or...

  • Duality in the bible

    Duality in the bible

    7 years ago

    Much of the bible is highly symbolic and is metaphors for much more than the literal meaning that it conveys. There are many levels that one may understand its teachings. The levels of understanding are as infinite as there are things that exist in...

  • The Angry Mind

    The Angry Mind

    8 years ago

    Fury devours the light in ones eyes Causing the iris to recede In darkness the rage multiplies Violent trails of destruction it breeds Unrelenting heartache is caused To anything blocking its trail Staying shackled in this prison...

  • Anger - A poem

    Anger - A poem

    8 years ago

    This hub was written some time back and was inspired by my, now, ex Husband. We were married for 23 years before we parted ways. We have been separated for over five years now. Today, although we are both in different relationships, we are best of...

  • Creation and Destruction

    Creation and Destruction

    8 years ago

    Nearly every human endeavor requires that something be created or destroyed in order for us to exist, as we know how to exist. Where there is birth, there is death. Where there are laws, people break them. Despite the measures taken by...

  • Reservoir of Truth

    Reservoir of Truth

    8 years ago

    If lost in the abyss of the mind and shackled by Ego’s grip Where Life seems to lose its lustre and compassion and love do trip Trust that you will discover Souls’ reservoir of truth within The key to unlock those shackles A new...

  • Winds of Change - A poem

    Winds of Change - A poem

    8 years ago

      Cocooned in the breast of love In my soul I felt free The heart of strength weak no more I nestled in quite happily   After time the winds of change Lured me with its caress It promised me a better life Of security and success ...

  • Dream - A four year olds nightmare

    Dream - A four year olds nightmare

    3 years ago

    I was raised in a wee part of the eastern shores of Lake Rotorua. There were eight or nine homes that surrounded our Marae which were at least five minutes walk apart and at most 30 minutes walk apart. The families dwelling in these homes were all...

  • God's Adversary? Can Satan be Saved?

    God's Adversary? Can Satan be Saved?

    3 years ago

    This hub was inspired by my fellow hubbing friend Castlepaloma; On the forums a question was posed; can Satan be saved? As a result Castlepaloma wrote a hub on Save Satan and is worth the read as he is quite witty in his logic. For some, Satan is...

  • Eyes of the Soul

    Eyes of the Soul

    8 years ago

    If I look in to another’s eyes The physical I do not see It’s the soul that lies deep within Looking always back at me It says much more about itself Than the words I often hear Its says I’m you and you are me Its just bodies we do not share...

  • Journey Onward

    Journey Onward

    3 years ago

    Sometimes greater awareness requires that we unlearn much of what we have learned. A letting go of the paradigms we have thus far attached ourselves to on our life path. Easier said then done I know. Although sometimes we may think we are on the...

  • Death - A Journey

    Death - A Journey

    8 years ago

    This poem was inspired by a fellow hubber who posed a question on the forums. How does one prepare for death? Whether it be ourselves or loved ones, can any one or any thing really prepare us for that transition? Can anyone or any thing prepare...

  • Unrealised Potential

    Unrealised Potential

    7 years ago

    Some time back I was at a gathering with my very large family. I had several opportunities where I was able to sit back and observe the uniqueness of several different family members. I noticed the subtle contrasted blends of masked personalities...

  • The path of least resistance

    The path of least resistance

    8 years ago

    I like to think of Gentleness as a virtue. It brings to mind a vision of water flowing gently around the rocks that jut out from a riverbed. It never forces its flow to go in any one direction, just flowing along its path. The force is only...

  • Mother Natures Beauty

    Mother Natures Beauty

    3 years ago

    Mother Nature and her ostentatious display of both power and beauty is both humbling and sacred. In every country, in every, town Mother Nature expresses herself uniquely and unashamedly.

  • Love-The Rhythm of Life

    Love-The Rhythm of Life

    8 years ago

    There are many shades of love depending on our perception of love. Then there is unconditional love that needs no attachments to be experienced in my humble opinion. This love has no conditions and includes but is not limited to....Kindness,...

  • The war within-a poem

    The war within-a poem

    8 years ago

    In peaceful times we flow Like a river unperturbed In times of war within The mind becomes disturbed Like soldiers we rise to fight For the peace we know exists We fight the battle with valour But the war within persists. It isn’t...

  • Thought for Food

    Thought for Food

    6 years ago

    Wisdom as an analogy can be like the food offered to us on a smorgasbord. Kind of like a variety of truths available for us to choose to eat or not eat. Many of us will choose what we know we will like. Several of us will occasionally venture...

  • On Oneness

    On Oneness

    3 years ago

    The illusion of separation prevents us from experiencing the oneness. The connection we have with all things separated only by perception. Beyond the fringes of perception though we experience oneness

  • An Artists Mastery

    An Artists Mastery

    3 years ago

    This hub was inspired by art made by Castlepaloma. He has excellent hubs that display the masterful artistry of his hands. Check it out, you won't be disappointed! I love art in all its various forms and recognize that there is an innate ability...

  • Veil of Illusion

    Veil of Illusion

    8 years ago

    Beyond the fringes of perception Way before the echoes of time Resides a door to eternity That all who seek shall find There, the darkness and light with minds and souls do blend The veil of illusion is lifted No...

  • Beliefs are never absolute

    Beliefs are never absolute

    6 years ago

    Beliefs in themselves are not ever absolutely true or false because they are constantly changing. What we hold to be true or false at any given time is subject to change when new information or new life experiences occur and are accepted or denied...

  • A unified collective consciousness

    A unified collective consciousness

    3 years ago

    In the collective consciousness if there is division we lose much of our power to create the change we desire. In this instance, perhaps our desire is to create a more peaceful existence, History demonstrates well mans effort to live a more peaceful...

  • Grief - Loss of a loved one

    Grief - Loss of a loved one

    4 years ago

    Grief is like a mighty ocean In the midst of a raging storm merciless waves of pain unleashed No sign of loving reform It is like a fog of depression that threatens to never lift. Akin to the clouds of despair that sends all joy adrift ...

  • A Majestic Presence

    A Majestic Presence

    4 years ago

    The cool kisses of autumn’s breath Gently stirred my soul I heard its tender whisperings Of ancient truths untold The tranquil mists of silence Gracefully set down In my mind I now was free The jewels of life I found But then the fingers of...

  • Emotions Jewels of Life

    Emotions Jewels of Life

    8 years ago

    Emotions are usually triggered by what ever happens in our external environment. However these emotions do not originate there, the seeds that give life to these emotions are always within us. If hate arises then one must search within to find its...

  • Unique Perceptions

    Unique Perceptions

    3 years ago

    Unique perceptions have captured my attention since I can remember and have given me many moments of pause for contemplative inquiry into the uniqueness of human nature and our perceptions. My observations as written are therefore subject to change...


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