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  • Pros Versus Amateurs - Is It Yardage?

    Pros Versus Amateurs - Is It Yardage?

    7 weeks ago

    To begin with we need to understand that most pros don't know how far they hit it necessarily and most amateurs are tee totalers and look gravely into their scorecards for the necessary adjustment. After some time on the driving range the average...

  • The 9 Best Tips to Finally Quit Smoking

    The 9 Best Tips to Finally Quit Smoking

    7 weeks ago

    In the beginning every part of your body aches for a puff. That's one reason why people continue to think about smoking still. Smoking also causes more cancer than other ways of obtaining it through and through it is still the number one killer....

  • A links style golf course

    A links style golf course

    7 weeks ago

    Total inherent risk is involved with this style of course and is generally thought of as a avenue to dismal results when looking at the pin placement and point of attack in general. As it goes without saying if you enjoy golf being a professional...

  • Just Play The Game

    Just Play The Game

    7 weeks ago

    There was a highschool athlete destined for greatness It wasn't as if he was a underdog in the Preakness He met his match at a highschool wrestling match And he did his duty to his alma mater in junior high He fights for the cause of living...

  • How to Select and Purchase Good Balsamic Vinegar

    How to Select and Purchase Good Balsamic Vinegar

    7 weeks ago

    With the most exciting brands of vinegar the real reason they are so heavily marked up is for the reason that they need to be on the shelf for a certain amount of time and that is why we tend to choose the priciest brand to suite our tastes. As if...

  • Trilogy of Behaving Badly - Essay

    Trilogy of Behaving Badly - Essay

    7 weeks ago

    A workingman's life in general is in despair when he can totally encompass himself in his work and thoughts of getting for all of the things they have for a docile existence. What is proactively justified by the higher classes is generally excepted...

  • Tehama Spirit

    Tehama Spirit

    7 weeks ago

    Believing is half the battle, through speech I have found discernment and discrimination of mind Doing the right thing I can obey truth in speech and find fallen angels on new creations Someway there is light in the way of truth and living is...

  • The Eventual Fall of Man

    The Eventual Fall of Man

    7 weeks ago

    Total surrender to the self actualizes what is believed to be sought after Nil does the guy who sees the woman who caresses his worries and fears hereafter Down to the last drop of good vibrations and fever for her lover's friend doubted mask ...

  • Never in Doubt of Life in General

    Never in Doubt of Life in General

    7 weeks ago

    Somebody got a gift All in haste from the left-wing Can it be altruistic feelings of sainthood cast a spell Noel was a just man without cause for dismay It is the former in venture capitalism we sell Kane wasn't the one who left the reason...

  • Whirlwind in a Tunnel

    Whirlwind in a Tunnel

    7 weeks ago

    To cross the individualized creative atmosphere led marching men Astray to qualify the massive left wing altruism based on fact of sin Newly advised to create new haven last rites of a democratic will Seeing the adjustment could be just the...

  • Altitude of heaven

    Altitude of heaven

    7 weeks ago

    the terse argument one must stand on one foot alone... Some thought had entered what I believed was a soma drink Giving the elixir of tomato paste rolling down the sink I hear the voice of freedom within my own gentle thought and reaction to...

  • Beginning Less Time Is Existing

    Beginning Less Time Is Existing

    7 weeks ago

    Today I met my mothers child within creation nobody left me in disillusionment without a mission caring is giving in the left-side of my obtuse realization But I knew not what I left in my grains of sand in my own hour Giving is taking what...

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    7 weeks ago

    Known to the varied by towering personality which cared for oneness Over the begotten trail of hardcore stone eschew not to let it lesson gone are the souls that left me so Terrrible can I stand a chance to look into the sunlit night at polar...

  • Beginning a New Front, Polar Poems

    Beginning a New Front, Polar Poems

    7 weeks ago

    From across oceans of few last fathoms of inner soul there came the one who left me to toil broken hearts bruised and battered only to see what acorns have fallen beneath the tree Some gave the one the only hope to desire to give me some...

  • Seasons Hereafter the World Is Given

    Seasons Hereafter the World Is Given

    7 weeks ago

    funny you asked Knowing what came on difference showed the lame individual so ceasingly the few last rites to dream why the should be and would be's worked all fast and furious battles to disintegrated lonely matyrs to shed light on the past...

  • What Lies Beneath Poem

    What Lies Beneath Poem

    7 weeks ago

    Moving closer to what is the truth in the lessons Now i know why I have given this mission Truth exists only to leave me in desires and passions Somebody gave me a war to world me towards progression Nobody knew where my love came closer to...

  • Greenacre Green Tomatoes in My Head

    Greenacre Green Tomatoes in My Head

    7 weeks ago

    All together the one who gave speeches to the creative side of the lost world was not the only shedding light on the last rites of grain and paradise. Some left the sin to cause the world some dismay about what did and did not happen in all of the...

  • The Rise and Fall Poetry

    The Rise and Fall Poetry

    7 weeks ago

    The eventual fall of a man in causal freedom is not what one adheres to in terms of feeling pressure from all sides of total freedom but is in essence a bit of love from god.Ha Ha. Real life situations that arise when people inadvertently say one...

  • Art in the World, Art in the Heart, Art in the Mood of Forgiving and a Glance at a Star, Artist Anish Patel

    Art in the World, Art in the Heart, Art in the Mood of Forgiving and a Glance at a Star, Artist Anish Patel

    7 weeks ago

    Believing in your ability to convey spacial aspects is part of the art process...avenues to discovering the inner artist comes intuitively as art gives the audience a Self induced feeling of warmth... The use of colors I describe...


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