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  • Persimmon with Pumpkin Pie

    Persimmon with Pumpkin Pie

    11 months ago

    This is a good alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie recipe, It goes well with a game hen like duck soup. Nice time with the blending of ingredients. Libby's Pumpkin Pie filling,Persimmons,Cream Cheese,Half and half,Kahlua Coffee...

  • Key Lime and Gingerbread Pie

    Key Lime and Gingerbread Pie

    11 months ago

    Try this delicious pie at your leisure at a party or small family gathering, easy to make and a good combination for dessert! I made up this recipe from scratch and getting to know the combination that worked took a little trial and error. The...

  • Caddyshack - Tips on the golf course

    Caddyshack - Tips on the golf course

    11 months ago

    To become a caddy first and foremost you must know your equipment and deal with the problems of the course in a professional manner. After the time of arrival comes the player will give you his bag with the intention that the match will go on with...

  • The Art of Putting

    The Art of Putting

    11 months ago

    Putting is an essential element to scoring in golf and to enjoy the round a few sunk putts enhances the mood of the game in general. Some basic principles and precepts to putting are important in understanding the philosophy behind it. Begin by...

  • Pineapple Caramel Brownies

    Pineapple Caramel Brownies

    11 months ago

    These brownies are a delight plain or with a little bit of ice cream, try it at your next holiday meal. Pineapple chunks,Duncan Hines brownie mix,Brach's caramel chews,Egg nog,Cinammon,Vanilla ExtractUnwrap caramel chews and place in pot with the...

  • A Sunny Disposition on a Holiday - Poem

    A Sunny Disposition on a Holiday - Poem

    4 months ago

    What is the rainforest that gentle twine can wrap its arms around It is in the giant limbs that enter the cave of a habitat for a species protected The giant leaves fall to its side as if waiting for a Panda bear to eat the stalks The green is...

  • The Endless Shark Paradise - Poem

    The Endless Shark Paradise - Poem

    4 months ago

    these days are lonesome wandering through the sea It is in its grand capacity the mind wanders to its prey And the shark is furious and with speed devours the meat After they prolong the bite they tend to the net that catches their prey It...

  • The Great Gatsby - commentary

    The Great Gatsby - commentary

    10 months ago

    As the trick of the one girl who saw them meet It wasn’t under the tree of giving rocks to the head It wasn’t the work of god’s angel instead What took them in was the administered Into the art that was living standard minister ...

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Poem 1.7

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Poem 1.7

    11 months ago

    A walk down memory lane to see waters edge A empty feeling that lay into the thick cut of dense air It is in not in what is found but what is lost through bloody streaks A rip to the throat of a girl finding her obtuse reasons of insanity A...

  • One Heart to Give Away - Poem 4.3

    One Heart to Give Away - Poem 4.3

    11 months ago

    She was available to witness the resurecction It wasn't the word or cause of decree Any soul to give back a sigh of frowned upon A master to gain the opportune idea of self A sought after altruism that cultured the war Altogether...

  • A Hula Making the Grade - Poem 2.4

    A Hula Making the Grade - Poem 2.4

    11 months ago

    At first light I have seen what can be heard through love After my ritual of taking a soulful journey to a tops It is the resolute awareness that has given me change All of the feelings that I cared for in my lone wolf charge A new thought...

  • A Time to Give - Poem 2.6

    A Time to Give - Poem 2.6

    11 months ago

    one beginning of a lesser time gave one a chance to survive As the owl took heed to the words I manifested all is in awe So the world took the bestial to a new level of mankind manifested Some gave me a chance to opposite the world which I...

  • A Disciple of Distinctive Character - Poem 2.5

    A Disciple of Distinctive Character - Poem 2.5

    4 months ago

    The owl said to the preacher, why does god eclipse my time? The preacher says , go back into your depths of vision and see illumination. The preacher reckoned the owl to be fowl and said do you hunt? The owl reckoned the preacher to a disciple...

  • Too Much in Solace - Poem

    Too Much in Solace - Poem

    11 months ago

    As time immemorial takes a way towards a goal to reach so it goes A way towards freedom from confines of the things we teach Love lost is not a wrong to let a man speak in terms of seeking Truth justified in its curtain call of seeing a woman...


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