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  • What Makes a Good Zoo - A Personal Journey

    What Makes a Good Zoo - A Personal Journey

    3 years ago

    The difference between a good and a bad zoo is not black and white. The article describes a personal zoo journey and raises issues for people to think about.

  • Is ZooNews Digest Pro Zoo or Anti Zoo

    Is ZooNews Digest Pro Zoo or Anti Zoo

    3 months ago

    Is ZooNews Digest Pro Zoo or Anti Zoo? The answer is that it is both. ZooNews Digest is against any zoo which does not commit itself 100% to the provision of the Five Freedoms and Good Zoo works.

  • Zoos of the United Arab Emirates

    Zoos of the United Arab Emirates

    24 hours ago

    Zoo visits are popular in the United Arab Emirates. Here there is a list of all public zoos and a few of the private animal collections.

  • World Rhino Day

    World Rhino Day

    8 days ago

    World Rhino Day takes place on the 22nd September each year to draw peoples attention to the plight the endangered rhinoceros is facing.

  • 35

    What Do Tigers Eat in Zoos?

    2 months ago

    The average zoo visitor may wonder what it is that tigers eat in zoos. It is the same as in the wild...meat. In the zoo however the fare varies as does the preparation and presentation.

  • 12

    Interesting Facts About Polar Bears

    19 months ago

    Polar bears are a very popular animal, but in spite of this people know so little about them. Here then are some interesting facts about these wonderful bears.

  • International Vulture Awareness Day

    International Vulture Awareness Day

    4 weeks ago

    The International Vulture Awareness Day takes place each and every year on the first Saturday in September. The day is all about promoting an awareness of the importance of vultures and the vital niche role they play in the web of life.

  • World Penguin Day

    World Penguin Day

    2 years ago

    World Penguin Day takes place every year on the 25th April. The choice of the date is to coincide with the march of the many thousands of Antarctic Adelie Penguins as they head north to follow the sun and leave the darker south polar winter days behind.

  • Eating Horseshoe Crab

    Eating Horseshoe Crab

    9 years ago

    The Horseshoe Crab does not really look like crab at all. In fact it isn't, the only things it shares with the crab is its English name and the fact that it lives in the sea. It is though a popular food in some parts of its range.

  • Lion Dung

    Lion Dung

    6 weeks ago

    Lion Dung is very popular in some quarters as a cat repellent. The lion dung is obtained from the local zoo and then placed in strategic locations around gardens to keep domestic cats at bay. If lion dung is not available then Tiger or Leopard feces...

  • Pattaya Songkran 2019

    Pattaya Songkran 2019

    19 months ago

    Pattaya Songkran Water Festival is the worlds biggest party. Fun for all.

  • Big Cats In Britain

    Big Cats In Britain

    9 years ago

    Newspaper reports of Big Cat Sightings in Britain are a fairly regular occurrence. Like UFO’s, visits by Aliens and Ghosts they strike the imagination. They make popular stories and will sell papers. Such observations do tend to occur in clusters...

  • International Elephant Appreciation Day

    International Elephant Appreciation Day

    7 days ago

    The International Elephant Appreciation Day is an annual event which takes place on September 22nd. This is a special day, a day to appreciate that we share our planet with a vast range of different creatures. The largest land mammal is the...

  • I Wouldn't Eat It

    I Wouldn't Eat It

    9 years ago

    I have eaten some very strange things, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. I must have consumed at least a hundred fruits and vegetables I do not know the name of. Testicles, tongues and tripes are all tasty when properly prepared. Balut...

  • How To Sex A Crocodile

    How To Sex A Crocodile

    9 years ago

    Determining the sex of a crocodile or alligator is difficult to impossible by sight. The animal has to be caught so that the it can be seen whether it is a male or female. This article tels you how.

  • Your Girlfriend Is My Girlfriend

    Your Girlfriend Is My Girlfriend

    23 months ago

    "Excuse me but your girlfriend is my girlfriend." It may sound a bit like a farce but in the bar worlds of Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya then never was a truer word spoken in jest...well most of the time. There is an oft repeated saying "You never...

  • Thai Butterfly

    Thai Butterfly

    7 months ago

    The Butterfly is one of the most attractive of creatures, symbolic not only of beauty but of youth and rebirth in many cultures. Thailand is lucky to have a wide variety of these beautiful insects and upwards of 520 species have been recorded in the...

  • 200 Sentences English for Massage Therapists

    200 Sentences English for Massage Therapists

    9 years ago

    200 Sentences English for Massage Therapists (Nice & Naughty) is a comparatively new arrival on the Thai, learn a language book market. Few were surprised to learn of the 'Get Rich Quick English for Bar Girls' but something for the massage side of...

  • The Anatomy of a GoGo Bar

    The Anatomy of a GoGo Bar

    6 years ago

    The GoGo Bar may be a mystery to many. Explore the pitfalls and the pleasures of a temporary escape from the world outside.

  • Get Rich Quick English For Bar Girls

    Get Rich Quick English For Bar Girls

    9 years ago

    My Thai girlfriend has reminded me dozens of times over the years of a simple fact. "You think Thai girl come to Pattaya for LOVE? No, come for munneee!" The same applies of course to wherever there is a bar scene in Thailand. Munneee! Money!...

  • Declawing Tigers and Lions

    Declawing Tigers and Lions

    2 years ago

    The declawing of Tigers and Lions is and never has been an operation that has ever needed to be done. It cruel and unnecessary. It always has been and it always will be. The only time a claw should have to be removed is if it was damaged in some way...

  • Aquamassage


    9 years ago

    Aquamassage is just beginning to become popular within the malls of Europe. This unique and special type of massage is carried out by 36 precisely aimed and pressure adjustable jets of warm water in a Aqua Massage Machine. The Aqua Massage Spa is...

  • Edward VII Love Chair

    Edward VII Love Chair

    9 years ago

    The Edward VII Love Chair is of unique construction. Built on the precise instructions of the overweight playboy Prince of Wales for lovemaking.

  • 30

    How to Kill a Chicken

    3 years ago

    To be able to humanely kill a chicken quickly and without causing pain or distress is an important skill for anyone thinking of small scale farming.

  • The Pointlessness of Alligator Wrestling

    The Pointlessness of Alligator Wrestling

    22 months ago

    Alligator and Crocodile Wrestling is both cruel and pointless. Training the animals is a kinder and more practical method of husbandry.

  • The Pata Zoo Gorilla Keeper

    The Pata Zoo Gorilla Keeper

    14 months ago

    The Pata Zoo in Bangkok is getting some renewed criticism in February 2010 and so has appeared on Thailand National Television, the local and some International press. The zoo is, quite naturally defending itself. This will in turn lead to more...

  • The Thailand Sex Diet

    The Thailand Sex Diet

    5 years ago

    Som Tam or Papaya Green salad is probably one of the healthiest of all meals. All of the ingredients have health giving properties. What perhaps is lesser know is that most of these are believed to be aphrodisiacs, Som Tam is the Thailand Sex Diet, an aphrodisiac cocktail!

  • The Zoo Hubs

    The Zoo Hubs

    4 years ago

    The Zoo Hubs is a collection of links to Asian and some other zoos plus articles related to zoos.

  • The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

    The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

    13 months ago

    The Five Freedoms are logical, common-sense guidelines that allow you to gauge the quality of care and professionalism in a zoo, farm, pet shop or wherever animals are kept.

  • Hand Rearing Lion Cubs and Other Carnivores

    Hand Rearing Lion Cubs and Other Carnivores

    8 years ago

    There they are, the cute fluffy little lion, tiger or whatever cubs in the newspaper photo. That should bring some visitors in to the zoo, sanctuary, rescue centre or whatever you like to call it. We have all seen them. Such photographs appear...

  • An opinion on to pinion or not to pinion

    An opinion on to pinion or not to pinion

    9 years ago

    Pinioning. With a few species specific exceptions birds were meant to fly. I don’t believe that there is anyone who would argue with that. At the same time though it could be said that they do not have to fly. Within the protected confinement of...

  • Mr Moke the Talking Chimpanzee

    Mr Moke the Talking Chimpanzee

    9 years ago

    Mr Moke was the stage name of a chimpanzee called 'Moko'. Mr Moke was claimed to be the worlds only talking chimpanzee and he may well have been at the height of his fame. He was definitely not the 'one and only' ever though. There was Johnny and...

  • Craig Busch and Zion Wildlife Gardens

    Craig Busch and Zion Wildlife Gardens

    9 years ago

    Craig Busch of the 'Lion Man' TV programme sprang to fame on the back of a number of falsehoods. He lost control of the Zion Wildlife Gardens through a disagreement with his mother. We examine why and where things went wrong.

  • The Perfect Zoo Enclosure

    The Perfect Zoo Enclosure

    9 years ago

    The Perfect Zoo Enclosure would surely have to be an exact replica of the territory the animal lived in in the wild. Visitors to the zoo could wait for the animal to appear...and wait...and wait...and wait. The animal may arrive, today,...

  • Komodo Dragon Problems

    Komodo Dragon Problems

    9 years ago

    The Komodo Dragon Varanus komodoensis is the worlds largest lizard. They are capable of growing up to ten feet in length and weighing 150 lbs. With a surprising turn of speed on land and in the water they are a creature that deserves respect. Their...

  • Malabon Zoo in Manila in the Philippines

    Malabon Zoo in Manila in the Philippines

    9 years ago

    Malabon Zoo is a popular private zoo located within Metro Manila. Easily reachable by the Manila metro it makes an interesting alternative to Manila Zoo.

  • The Thai Oil Massage

    The Thai Oil Massage

    2 years ago

    The Thai Oil Massage is amongst the most popular of massages by visitors to Thailand. Relaxing but at the same time rejuvenating it is an experience not to be missed.

  • Should I Be Here or Somewhere Else

    Should I Be Here or Somewhere Else

    73 minutes ago

    Personal brushes with death which have helped turn me into the person I am.

  • Never Fall In Love With A Bar Girl

    Never Fall In Love With A Bar Girl

    19 months ago

    It is easy to say "Don't fall in love" but much more difficult not too. Thai girls are beautiful, friendly, attentive and loyal but above all devoted to their families.

  • Manila Zoo in the Philippines

    Manila Zoo in the Philippines

    9 years ago

    Manila is a huge city with a population numbering somewhere in the region of 20 Million people. Nearly all of these are familiar with Manila Zoo which, as reputedly the oldest* zoo in Asia, opened its doors in 1959 on a 5 hectare site. Most Manilans...

  • Bird Nest Soup

    Bird Nest Soup

    22 months ago

    Bird Nest Soup is a soup which is produced using the nests of the Cave Swiftlet (Aerodramus/Collocalia species) as a base. The Cave swiftlet does not construct its nest like many birds from twigs and moss but out of its own very sticky but...

  • The Night Butterflies of Bali

    The Night Butterflies of Bali

    6 years ago

    The night butterflies of Bali are the young from the islands and provinces. Far from home and supporting their families as best they can.

  • An Honest Report on Bali Safari and Marine Park

    An Honest Report on Bali Safari and Marine Park

    9 years ago

    Bali Safari and Marine Park is an increasingly popular tourist attraction for visitors to Bali Indonesia. Set in a lush and beautiful location it makes for an interesting day out, but is it really worth it?

  • Zoo Misconceptions

    Zoo Misconceptions

    3 years ago

    Many people are anti-zoo due to misconceived ideas. There are good zoos and their are bad zoos. Here you will find many zoo misconceptions explained truthfully.

  • How to Get a Job in a Zoo

    How to Get a Job in a Zoo

    5 years ago

    The idea of working in a zoo is very popular and considered by those within the profession to be the best job in the world. This article gives advice on what you need to do to get that job.

  • The Wonderful Asian Sniff Kiss

    The Wonderful Asian Sniff Kiss

    4 years ago

    Almost undoubtedly the kiss originated from grooming/bonding behaviour and can be seen in its most primitive form by watching other primates. Other animals lick and preen. The kiss today is commonly carried out as a gesture of love, respect,...

  • Animal Enrichment Versus Routine

    Animal Enrichment Versus Routine

    2 years ago

    Most zoos fail to understand the difference between animal enrichment and routine. The difference is important from an animal perspective.

  • The World of the Kathoey and Ladyboy

    The World of the Kathoey and Ladyboy

    5 months ago

    In at least one story of creation there were three children born. There was a boy, a girl and another. The Kathoey should be considered that Third Sex. The Kathoey or Ladyboy occur in all societies under a variety of names. In Mexico they are called...

  • Thai Whiskey

    Thai Whiskey

    9 years ago

    Actually the whole subject of Thai Whiskey gets a bit confusing, especially in conversation because there are more than one drink going under the same title. Often someone will have tried one type once, not liked it, or perhaps ended the evening...


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