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Phyllis Doyle profile image

Phyllis Doyle Burns (Phyllis Doyle)

Joined 8 years ago from High desert of Nevada.. Last activity 6 days ago.




Also follow me on:

Greetings and welcome to my place on HubPages. Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you read my articles (hubs) and let me know what you think. I love feedback, for it not only allows me to grow as an author and poet, but also lets me know what you like to read - and I do like to cater to my faithful readers.

I have been writing articles on the internet since 2007:

Author/Poet on HubPages since 2010

Site Manager, Senior Editor and Author of creative writing, fiction, and poetry on THE CREATIVE EXILES,, a site for poets and fiction writers.

Journalist on

Former editor/writer for for the Native American site, the Appalachia site, and the Folklore/Mythology site.

You can often find me here on HubPages either publishing my own hubs or reading hubs from fellow hubbers. If I am not here, I am usually off somewhere in history tracking down an interesting person or event to write about. I often wander the ancient lands of gods and goddesses of mythology, or walk with the ancestral Grandmothers of Native Americans to find a story or interesting traditions. Sometimes I get lost in the world of faery, just beyond the veil that we humans closed so many years ago -- thankfully, there are many other writers like me who attempt to open that veil to discover an enchanted world, sometimes a scary place, where the fae dwell. It is a delightful world where much can be learned if we only believe.

I have always liked to write. It is important to me that I write with spirit and heart. If I do not feel a spiritual connection to what I am writing on, I will discard it and go on to something I can connect with on a spiritual level. This is why all of my articles are evergreen. I live in the moment, I write from the past or beyond the veil.

Poetry has long been a great passion of mine. Since my first grade teacher, Mrs. Trotter, took extra time to introduce simple poetry to me in order to help me become a better reader, I have been fascinated with poetry. As I grew older, the words of great poets of the past left me with strong admiration for their work and a longing to be at least half as good of a poet..

Some of my favorite poets are Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, William B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the great poets from times gone by. My favorite contemporary poets are right here on HubPages. There are so many great poets here -- poets that can touch my heart and soul and bring out many emotional responses. I wish I had room to list them all. Each one of them is unique, creative, and masters of words and emotions in their own way. We also have some of the best creative writers here at HubPages -- their short fictions can bring out deep emotions and appreciation for their gift of writing.

I have been writing poems and stories online since 2007, yet started writing at a very early age just for the pleasure of creating. My favorite subjects are Spirituality and Mythology. I often write on a variety of other subjects, such as history, mostly early American or women in history. Native American traditions and cultures are another subject I often delve into. I love to write historical fiction, where I can put myself into the past and see a different point of view, such as I did with my Appalachian doll story.

HubPages is a place where I can reach out and broaden my opportunity to write on all the subjects I so love. I am not restricted here to just one subject -- so it is a joy to be here, expand my interests, and meet wonderful friends, who, just like me, love to write and share interests. I have found many friends here and some great talent -- we support each other and it is a wonderful community! Join us and share your creativity with all.

Although I have a journal full of poems I have written over many years, HubPages is the first place I have published my poems. Poetry, mine and the poems of others, is a form of spiritual travel for me, for it puts me into another place that is often beautiful and peaceful.

If you love to write and you are looking for a great place to open a venue for your expressive and creative writing, join HubPages and meet other writers, meet some great people, and get your name and writing out to the public.

I greatly appreciate those of you who are my followers, for you encourage and motivate me. Thank you.

I am an online Spiritual Mentor at My desire is to help others find their spiritual path so they are able to walk in peace, harmony and balance in their life. I do not plant ideas in my clients, I help them back to their own Self to look within and find their own way, their own truths. This is my greatest passion in life, for with each person I can help, another light is lit and another soul has found their way in life. I often reflect this part of myself in my articles or poetry. I am a Lantern Carrier -- I carry a light to pass on to others in hopes to spread Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance on Mother Earth and in the Spiritual realms.

Blessings and may you walk in peace and harmony.

Phyllis Doyle Burns

All of my articles and poetry are copyright Phyllis Doyle Burns. No part of my articles or poems are to be used in any way without my written permission. If you would like to use information from any of my articles, please ask and please attribute. They are copyrighted works. Thank you.
~ ~ ~ ~

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