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  • 028 Sandslash

    028 Sandslash

    12 years ago

    Sandslash is the evolution of Sandshrew. Sandslash has long sharp spines on its back that it can roll up into a ball and use to attack or escape with. Its claws are much longer for more power and it is bigger then its preform. Sandslash is yellow...

  • 027 Sandshrew

    027 Sandshrew

    12 years ago

    Sandshrew is a ground mouse. Sandshrew uses the ground to dig under to attack its enemies or to escape from stronger foes. This little yellow guy has a tough outer shell as its always fighting the forces of the dirt and rocks it digs though....

  • 026 Raichu

    026 Raichu

    12 years ago

    Raichu is the mouse pokemon evolution of Pikachu. Raichu is noticeably orange with yellow electricity cheeks. This electric rodent is also increasingly swift in movement and attacks with super-powered electric and physical attacks like ThunderPunch....

  • 025 Pikachu

    025 Pikachu

    12 years ago

    Pikachu is an electrical mouse pokemon. The electric charge is held within its red cheeks. Pikachu is a quick little pokemon that packs a punch, often underestimated in its ability, Other then speed, it uses its tail to know what is behind it, like...

  • 024 Arbok

    024 Arbok

    12 years ago

    Arbok is the evolved Ekans. Arbok is a cobra that is purple with fear inducing eyes and markings. Arbok constricts its pray as they are frozen with fear. Arbok is the biggest snake pokemon and one of the most beautiful and freighting to face. ...

  • 023 Ekans

    023 Ekans

    12 years ago

    Ekans is a little purple snake pokemon. Ekans is constantly sneaking around eating Spearow and Pidgey eggs (if its lucky). This snake is one of the only snake pokemon that exist. Ekans is a rattler snake due to the rattle on its tail. Over time it...

  • 022 Fearow

    022 Fearow

    12 years ago

    Fearow is the evolved form of Spearow. Fearow is the beak pokemon, as its large beak is how it attacks. Its wings are strong and powerful from the time Spearow had to flap so hard to stay up, now Fearow can soar on the wings for more then a day...

  • 021 Spearow

    021 Spearow

    12 years ago

    Spearow is another little bird pokemon. This reddish winged bird is often mean to other pokemon and humans alike. Spearows are in no way rare and have a pesky attitude to all around it. This bird only evolves once. The easy way to tell this pokemon...

  • 020 Raticate

    020 Raticate

    12 years ago

    Raticate is a large brown mouse. Even though rat is in its name, it really is a mouse pokemon. It has long fangs and ends up scaring many kids as it can bite though cinder blocks, and even breaks though home walls sometimes. This pokemon many people...

  • 019 Rattata

    019 Rattata

    12 years ago

    Rattata is a little purple rat pokemon. One of the most common seen pokemon in the land, this little guy will bite anything and everything it finds. Mostly an annoying pest, Rattata is often given to young trainers to practice with seeing the small...

  • 018 Pidgeot

    018 Pidgeot

    12 years ago

    Pidgeot is the last evolution of Pidgey. This huge bird pulls trainers into having one with its attractive large colorful feathers on its head and tail. Pidgeot is a very fast pokemon that does all its fighting in the air. It is said to create gusts...

  • 017 Pidgeotto

    017 Pidgeotto

    12 years ago

    Pidgeotto is a larger form of Pidgey. Pidgeotto's tail and head feathers are more prominent then Pidgeys, making more then shear size be the way to tell the two apart. Pidgeotto is a quick pokemon that does all its moves flying, it doesn't attack...

  • 016 Pidgey

    016 Pidgey

    12 years ago

    Pidgey is a little bird pokemon that is brown and yellow. The first of three evolutions, Pidgey is a non-aggressive pokemon that doesn't enjoy fighting. In response it will kick up dust and sand instead of fight its enemy, using force only if...

  • 015 Beedrill

    015 Beedrill

    12 years ago

    Beedrill is a bee flying pokemon. They are very territorial and will attack anything that comes into there space. Not only will one come, they fight in swarms making it hard to catch just one to fight and capture. The bee is a yellow jacket with...

  • 014 Kakuna

    014 Kakuna

    12 years ago

    Kakuna is a yellow cocoon evolved from Weedle. Kakuna just like Metapod can do nothing but Harden its shell to defend itself, it has no damaging attacks and can barely move. Kakuna evolves in 3 levels to Beedrill, the same as Metapod. National...

  • 013 Weedle

    013 Weedle

    12 years ago

    Weedle is a little hairy bug pokemon. Similar to Caterpie, Weedle is more shaped and looks like a needle like caterpillar. Weedle just eats leaves all day and crawls around, it is brown with a pinkish nose (and feet). National № 013 Kanto...

  • 012 Butterfree

    012 Butterfree

    12 years ago

    Butterfree is a butterfly flying bug pokemon. It is the final evolution of Caterpie. Butterfree is purple with blue features and red eyes. More the half the pokemon size is in wingspan. Butterfree can use physic moves and specially likes stuns and...

  • 011 Metapod

    011 Metapod

    12 years ago

    Metapod is the evolved form of Caterpie. Metapod is really just a cocoon that cannot attack its enemies - it can only use Harden. As its shell hardens is harder to do damage to it, it really isn't useful at all in any way until it evolves again....

  • 010 Caterpie

    010 Caterpie

    12 years ago

    Caterpie is a little bug pokemon. Caterpie looks just like a caterpillar with large eyes and a little yellow tail. Caterpie can only learn to moves, tackle and string shot. This little guy isn't very strong and even acts afraid of other pokemon...

  • 009 Blastoise

    009 Blastoise

    10 years ago

    Blastoise is classified as a shellfish pokemon. Blastoise is large with big hydro cannons in its shell that are pressure pact. These cannons are used for both Hydro Pump(most powerful attack) and to move Blastoise to do moves like tackle (and to dodge). Blastoise is the kind of brute...

  • 008 Wartortle

    008 Wartortle

    10 years ago

    Wartortle is the evolution of Squirtle. Wartortle is larger and has a much bigger tail. It uses its ears to swim ultra fast (they keep it steady). This water pokemon pacts a punch as it uses a lot of...

  • 007 Squirtle

    007 Squirtle

    10 years ago

    Squirtle is also one of the starter pokemons. This little water based pokemon looks like a turtle with a squirrel tail..Squirrel+Turtle=Squirtle! Squirtle is blue with a...

  • 006 Charizard

    006 Charizard

    11 years ago

    Charizard is the flying fire pokemon. The last evolution of Charmandar, Charizard learns how to fly when it grows wings. Long, powerful and impressive - Charizard uses ultra speed, bolder melting heat, and strong muscles to thrash, smash, and burn its enemies into submission. Charizards fighting...

  • 005 Charmeleon

    005 Charmeleon

    11 years ago

    Charmeleon is the evolved form of Charmander. Charmeleon is a dark red with a larger body and bigger fire tail then that of its preform. Charmeleons claws grown longer and its tail became thicker as it uses it to balance. The body suggests that it is adapted from a cameleon. Still a fiery lizard...

  • 004 Charmander

    004 Charmander

    11 years ago

    Charmander is a little orange lizard pokemon. Charmander is a fire type and one of the starter pokemon. Charmander closely follows the design of a salamander but breathes fire. The fire is kept on Charmanders tail, if the fire goes out charmander will die. Charmander is easily known for the...

  • 003 Venusaur

    003 Venusaur

    11 years ago

    Venusaur is the last of the evolutions of Bulbasaur. Venusaur is massive in size and is clearly known for its fully bloomed flower on its back. In this final form the blue spots on its skin turn scaly and its ears look even more like a cats. Venusaur can do every move the chain can learn but is a...

  • 002 Ivysaur

    002 Ivysaur

    11 years ago

    Ivysaur is the in-blossom seed pokemon. Ivysaur is the evolved form of Bulbasaur. The differences clearly seen in Ivysaur is Ivysaurs plant is halfway open, it has a red blossom in the center and leaves on its sides. Ivysaurs body is the same appearance as its last forms, but it grown in size to...

  • 001 Bulbasaur

    001 Bulbasaur

    11 years ago

    Bulbasaur is a seed type pokemon. Bulbasaur instantly know for their red eyes, blueish skin, and of course the plant bulb on there back. Having think powerful bones (mostly due to carrying that bulb) is quicker then one would believe. Grass and poison attacks are its specialty, its main two attacks...

  • All about Dawn | Pokemon Pokedex

    All about Dawn | Pokemon Pokedex

    11 years ago

    Dawn is a hyper-active eager girl who has started on her Pokémon journey. Coming from a family of pokemon co-ordinators, with her mother being the champ at the Grand Festival, Dawn has her heart set on

  • 25

    List of Pokémon Movies - All Pokémon Films

    10 years ago

    There have been a lot of pokemon movies. Regardless of which film you watch - they all have the wonderful pokemon we all know and love.


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