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Life can surprise us every second. We just have to open our eyes to all possibilities. Decide and choose well what window of opportunity to reach for. That way, you wont regret any decision that you make.

Every occassion is an opportunity to make a beautiful memory. And I believe that it is our views that will affect our happiness and successes in life.

Stay positive and happy. Smile always and love unconditionally.

Thanks for reading my hubs!

Best of wishes and may all your dreams come true.

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  • Forever and Always Love, Guimaras

    Forever and Always Love, Guimaras

    23 months ago

    Guimaras Island maybe known for worldclass mangoes but we have experienced more than the usual tourist attractions but dove right into being a local by experiencing travel via a tricycle.

  • Keeping Faith and Moving on

    Keeping Faith and Moving on

    4 years ago

    Where to stay in Cebu City and hotel near Ayala Mall

  • Dance Memories

    Dance Memories

    5 years ago

    So, you think you can dance? For some people they are going to say a definite yes, I can! But for most of us, the thought of dancing in front a group of people scares us. In my younger years, I have experienced being...

  • Mobbed


    5 years ago

    Resting at home and watching television shows from Star World, I came across a new television show (new for me anyway). The show was called Mobbed. It touched my emotions and draw tears from my eyes. What is this show...

  • Starling


    5 years ago

    The proverb "Birds of a feather flock together" was coined since the 16th century. This was popularized by Benjamin Jowett in 1856 when he translated Plato's Republic. (Plato's republic was about philosophy and...

  • Family Values: Love & Loyalty

    Family Values: Love & Loyalty

    5 years ago

    My grandparents from both side of the family are Filipinos. My father's parents might have some Spanish blood but that is still questionable. To be safe, I am a pure born and bred Filipina. Growing up I remember my...

  • Songs of the Heart

    Songs of the Heart

    5 years ago

    Romeo and Juliet was part of a star crossed lovers that have been with us time and time again for centuries. The classic story have touched our hearts and snatched a few tears along the way. We have a lot to thank...

  • Practical Hobbies

    Practical Hobbies

    5 years ago

    Throughout the day, I kept thinking what to write. I was choosing between writing about my deepest and darkest secret or about practical hobbies that you will enjoy and at the same time earn money. But, I am not going...

  • How to get your Philippine NSO certified documents on time

    How to get your Philippine NSO certified documents on time

    5 years ago

    A Birth Certificate from the National Statistics Office (NSO) is an important document that establishes the birth of a child. To quote a paragraph from wikipedia: "The documentation of births is a practice widely...

  • Fish Spa Experience

    Fish Spa Experience

    5 years ago

    On a beautiful day, my brother, sister, brother-in-law, beautiful two year old niece, cousin, my cousin's two kids and I were on a three hour road trip to this gorgeous island in the Philippines for a holiday getaway....

  • Lifestyle Check

    Lifestyle Check

    5 years ago

    Believe you can survive with just the basic necessities. Simplify. Adapt. Change for the better. These words are just easy to say but hard to do. But if we want to survive in this lifetime, we should definitely strive...

  • Massage for a Healthy Body

    Massage for a Healthy Body

    5 years ago

    Having a body massage has a lot of benefits. Even years ago, the Chinese have discovered the value of body massage as an alternative and natural medicine for aches and pain. The are archaeological evidences that these...

  • Antique, Philippines

    Antique, Philippines

    5 years ago

    If you want to write something and you need a muse to inspire yourself, search within yourself and do something from the heart. First, I would like to introduce you to my hometown, San Jose de Buenavista located in...

  • Travel: One Step at a Time

    Travel: One Step at a Time

    5 years ago

    There are just some travel tips that I have picked up from my daily travels that I would like to share. Specifically, if you are traveling to the Philippines, be prepared you will be experiencing extremes. From weather,...