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    Associate Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer

    9 months ago

    Associate Supreme Court Stephen Breyer has had a long legal career, and as the oldest justice on the Supreme Court had had a lot of interest from both supporters and detractors hoping that he might retire.

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    John Roberts, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court

    9 months ago

    This is a description of John Roberts Jr, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It is not based on any personal knowledge of the man. I do not know him or have ever met him. The information provided is what is publicly available.

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    New Years Eve Traditions of my Past

    11 months ago

    I am a little older perhaps than the average hubber, and it is likely my traditions are totally different than others. As children we could ask that we have a special item for our New Years Eve meal.

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    Easy Beef Rump or Tip Roast Cooked in an Instant Pot-Easy Filling Dinner

    11 months ago

    Recently, with Hamburger running $5 or more a pound, our local supermarket has been running specials on Rump or Tip Roast. This is a quick and easy way to make a good meal that could make a good dinner or a Sunday Dinner without a lot of effort.

  • Homemade French Onion Soup

    Homemade French Onion Soup

    9 months ago

    You may not be a great cook, but you can still make this delicious recipe at home. It's easy to fix and will impress your friends and family. I've done it, I know how to cook. You see this is a recipe that you can make even if you think that the only thing you're good at is press play on YouTube.

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    How to Start a Straw Bale Garden

    9 months ago

    I have been gardening a few years, and this year I decided to give straw bale gardening a try. Follow my adventures, missteps, and success.

  • Jimmy Lee's Teriyaki Flank Steak

    Jimmy Lee's Teriyaki Flank Steak

    9 months ago

    This recipe was a special thing for my Dad's best friend Jim. When we heard he was cooking this, we didn't eat lunch that day so we might have room for more. This recipe was one of my favorite childhood memories.

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    Mad Eliza's Cakes

    8 months ago

    This is a story of a local entreprenuerial couple and how they started Mad Eliza's Cakes and Confections. Peggy Murnahan has always had an interest in baking, and she would bake cakes for her children's birthdays and other events. Friends would...

  • Asian Buffets in Topeka Kansas

    Asian Buffets in Topeka Kansas

    3 years ago

    Sesame Chicken In a town the size of Topeka there plenty options for Chinese and in local restaurant guide says there are 19 Chinese places in town. Of these, there are a few buffets. Chinese buffets can range from very cheap to expensive...

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    Creamed Tuna over Toast

    6 weeks ago

    This is one of my favorite foods that I have eaten for breakfast or lunch since I was a child. My daughter who is now in her 20's used to hate it, and now she asks for me to make it when she is home.

  • The Best Pizza in Topeka Kansas

    The Best Pizza in Topeka Kansas

    12 months ago

    This is a list of great Pizza Restaurants in the Topeka Kansas area. I hope if you find yourself in Topeka, you give one a try.

  • Great Burgers in Topeka Kansas

    Great Burgers in Topeka Kansas

    3 years ago

    In Kansas, we love good beef, and while most beef lovers tend to obsess on steak and prime rib, there is nothing like a nice big juicy burger sometimes. They are usually affordable and a way to get a satisfying meal if you are yearning for meat. ...

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    What to Expect When You Get a Colonoscopy

    4 months ago

    This article explains the process of having a colonoscopy, from the prep day to having the actual procedure performed, and the after-effects. This article is written from the viewpoint of the patient and is not advice from a medical professional.

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    How to Cook Steak in a Cast-Iron Skillet

    3 weeks ago

    Once you sink your teeth into a perfectly-seared, succulent steak that you made at home in your cast-iron skillet, you'll never go out to eat one again.

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    Recipe: Simple and Delicious Biscuits and Gravy

    3 weeks ago

    Craving biscuits and gravy? Why take a chance on a restaurant when you can make them yourself? This quick and easy recipe saves time by using pre-made biscuits. It's so delicious and so simple!

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    Homemade Version of Charlie Porubsky's World Famous Chili

    12 months ago

    When I want good chili and I don't want to head to the restaurant for the real thing, I make this recipe at home. It really hits the spot on cold days.

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    What Is the Annual Salary for a Supreme Court Chief Justice?

    9 months ago

    This hub provides estimated salaries for United States Supreme Court Justices, and info about the justices as well.

  • Visiting Orlando Florida

    Visiting Orlando Florida

    8 months ago

    Orlando is one of North America's favorite tourist destinations. I will show you some of my favorite places to visit in Orlando Florida. Theme parks, Adventure parks and the space port are great fun.

  • Thinking about buying a Little Giant Ladder?

    Thinking about buying a Little Giant Ladder?

    9 months ago

    Home Depot and Lowes both feature the Gorilla ladder. It is a ladder that has very similar construction to the Little Giant. The only difference from the line of Little Giant Ladders is the wheels on the bottom for easy moving of the ladder. If you wish, you can add wheel kits to the Gorilla

  • Recipes for Chili Peppers-Alligator Eggs

    Recipes for Chili Peppers-Alligator Eggs

    3 years ago

    I know this recipe has a lot of ingredients, but it is not that difficult to prepare. Remember that peppers can vary greatly in heat. One chili pepper can be very flavorful, but mild, while another can leave you with burning eyes, mouth and...

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    Budget Travel Tips

    2 years ago

    This hub is about traveling while spending smart. Getting the most out of your vacation dollar, and seeing what you can without paying more than what is necessary. Hopefully it is a guide that will help you go see the world instead of wishing you were.

  • Ferret Fun House

    Ferret Fun House

    12 months ago

    I love ferrets. We have 6 right now, and they are a blast to play with. We seem to have become a ferret rescue right now. We had our two, then a woman called and said she needed to find a home for her ferret fast. We had no idea why. The woman died...

  • Fruit Desserts

    Fruit Desserts

    11 months ago

    FRUIT, as is generally understood, is the fleshy, juicy product of some plant or tree which, when ripe, is suitable for use as food. Although some fruits are seedless, they generally contain the seeds of the plants or trees that produce them. Many...


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