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I met my prince charming in college. We dated for four years then asked me to marry him. In the spring of 2005, he became King and made me his Queen.

In 2008 we welcomed to the world our sweet little princess. Little did we know she would become a very well-rounded princess. Her favorite colors are yellow and brown, she loves to cook and eat, and she loves to play with trucks and tools in her dress-up clothes. She loves to climb trees, get her nails painted and invite everyone she meets over to our house for dinner ;).

In 2010 we welcomed to the world our second precious princess who is the spitting image of her sister. She is filled with joy and constant laughter. At the moment she keeps up with her sister and likes to do or at least giggle at anything and everything she does.

We are a family that chooses to run a tight ship, but there is always a time to let loose and have fun! We see the value in order and routine, but can't resist the occasional surprise and spontaneity.

We love the Lord and are committed to His ministry. My husband is on his way to becoming a pastor. What incredible joy and reward we find walking with and serving God. It is He in whom we rejoice on the mountain tops and He to whom we kneel down in the valleys. He is our refuge and our source of strength. He is forever faithful and trustworthy. My husband may be the bread winner, but my God provides the bread!

As the Queen of this house I am on an incredible journey learning how to better love, serve and support my husband. As much as my kids depend on me, I’m learning to put his needs first. I joyfully embark on the daily journey of raising and training our two girls. Lord willing, there will be a boy in the mix at some point! I take my role and responsibility very seriously. As a wife and as a mother I have the power to build up or break down. I have the power to encourage or discourage. I have the power to wound or heal, drain or fill-up, discourage or inspire, hold a grudge or forgive.

It’s an incredible journey with mountains and valleys. With the Lords help and guidance I believe I’ll be victorious!

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