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hello all...

wow... 20 months on this site and still active, that's new for me. It has been a really great experience so far... I know i am a little slower than most in publishing hubs but i try and keep it updated...

Lot of changes have come in my life... Moved cities, came to college, away from my family... but one thing remained the same... my love for poetry. And it will continue to grow and nurture. And i will try my best to better my poetry with time...



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  • Rest In Peace, My Friend...

    Rest In Peace, My Friend...

    6 years ago

    This poem is a tribute to my dearest friend whom I recently lost... It might not be the best one I have written but the feelings attached to it are the most intense... RIP... You will never be forgotten... One night,...

  • The Land... Where All Dreams Came True...

    The Land... Where All Dreams Came True...

    5 years ago

    the beach of life... In the wake of night, The cool breeze blew. The world, wrapped in the arms of sleep, Drifting to the land, Where all dreams came true. The moonlit night, Had a lot to say. ...

  • The Last Time- A Poem

    The Last Time- A Poem

    6 years ago

    google.com In the walk of life and wake of time, A few things were left out. You stood by in stranger tides, Held my hand in bumpier rides. All our lives, we grew up together. By my side, you were forever....

  • The Doll

    The Doll

    6 years ago

    www.google.co.in She slept with her doll, She felt safe with her. The doll with a button nose, Button eyes and one less finger. The doll was never separated from her, To her belt, her hair remained...

  • Sad Eyes

    Sad Eyes

    6 years ago

     People wear masks today, Hiding from everyone. A different face for everyone, No truth in anyone.   They have forgotten their true self, These masks are them now. They give way to their earthly...

  • The Tracks of Life

    The Tracks of Life

    6 years ago

     I stare at these tracks, Sometimes straight, sometimes bending. Ever moving, Never ending.   They go on, As far as your eyes can look. Representing a world full of hope, Just as if, Out of some...

  • I Did Not Let Go of Him.

    I Did Not Let Go of Him.

    6 years ago

    With time, we all grow up. And then, it is just memories that remain with us to cherish what we have actually lost, and what we never can get back. Childhood memories stay imprinted in our mind forever and later on,...

  • The Little Prince- A Poem

    The Little Prince- A Poem

    4 years ago

    The photo is of one of my best friend's baby brother. And his pet name is Prince. So this poem is solely dedicated to him. . . . . The little prince descends, Into her waiting arms. From the heavens above, And...

  • A Typical Indian Railway Platform-A Poem

    A Typical Indian Railway Platform-A Poem

    6 years ago

    I am here standing, At a typical Indian railway station, Even though it is four in the morning, Life here is going on, Without any stagnation. The shopkeepers have already set up, Smell of...

  • Back Bencher

    Back Bencher

    7 years ago

    I am a back bencher. I prefer to sit at the last seat. I try never to let the teacher get bothered by me, And my notebooks are always kept very neat. I can use one notebook through out the year, And...

  • The Picture

    The Picture

    6 years ago

    I look at the picture in my hand. It had been there for quite some time. It was a reminder of my cherished past, A point from where, my life moved on really fast. I look at the toothless smile. And those big...

  • Japanese Catastrophe-A Poem on Japan's tragic Incident

    Japanese Catastrophe-A Poem on Japan's tragic Incident

    6 years ago

    It was a black day, A black Thursday. When a catastrophe occured, Which man may, Never be able to forget. When an earthquake hit Japan, With all it's might. The sea was shook beneath the floor! Oh God! What...

  • FACEBOOK Plight.

    FACEBOOK Plight.

    6 years ago

  • A Teenage Girl

    A Teenage Girl

    7 years ago

    She is cute, she is naive, She is as pure as a pearl. She is cute yet confused, She is a teenage girl. She has will, she has passion, To stand in a large queue Outside malls and stores, Who have just launched ranges...