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My name is Ralf, I was born in the Netherlands in a small city called Wageningen. I was born at the 1th of may 1991. I've lived in Wageningen all my life but I do not intend to stay here forever. Since I was young, I have been very ambitious and always strived to perfecting skills and gaining knowledge.

I always graduated with low scores at school, never really had a problem with the theories that had to be studied but I never gave a 100%. Always slacking off and doing other things besides studying. However things that had my interest always had my priority, so I was really good at biology,English and chemistry.

When I graduated from my MBO school, I felt like I wasn't done. So I first started to study applied psychology but I didnt feel like that was my place to be. It was really theoretical so I switched to social studies and so I became a social worker.

Currently I work at mental health clinic with severe psychotic and/or suïcidal patients. I provide creative- and musictherapy.

My writings contain personal thoughts and experiences.

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