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Working my way through college while studying English and American Literature at the Universty of Texas at El Paso, I spent more time working than studying. My willingness to do anything for some overtime lead to me getting promoted several times during the 6 years I attended college.

It got to the point where I wasn't able to balance school, work and the small family I had created. I had to make a choice. The ability to pay bills and put food on the table won out. I gave up my education to follow a career in Retail.

I now have over 18 years experience as a Manager, having run very successful Truck Stops, convenient stores, restaraunts, and electronics retailers. I have trained and managed hundreds of people, have extensive experience in customer service, and health and life insurance.

I try to spend what little free time I have with my wife and two boys. We enjoy sports, especially football, and like to call ourselves gamers.

Life happened, and I never quite became the writer I had hoped to become while attending college. Now, with some loving encouragement from my wife, I look to Hubpages as my opportunity to get away and write about those things I know, like management and insurance, and those things I enjoy: Social Sciences and current affairs.

I hope I can earn the time you spend reading my hub.

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