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This is my new primary account on Hubpages. I write as Everyday Miracles (previously my primary account) and also as beckisgiftguides here on Hubpages.

Lately I've been watching quite a few political hubs float through on my dashboard, and I've had a hard time keeping my mouth shut about the issues that I keep seeing come in my direction. It seems inappropriate to tell people I mutually follow that I'm a conservative and not a liberal and that I find their topics offensive and poorly constructed.

The fact is that I only have one way to really deal with this problem: To write about these same issues from my point of view in a way that is constructive to the subject and not destructive to the people around me. For that reason, I've decided that it's time for me to thoughtfully dip my toes into the political arena here on Hubpages. It's not going to be easy and it may not always be fun, but I feel that there needs to be some balance, and I plan on bringing a well-thought-out point of view to Hubpages.

My current college major is economics, and I have a strong head for business and an understanding of the way that a real economy works. Read my hubs with this in mind and with some caution.

I also write about issues relating to adoption until such time as I have sufficient material to warrent a separate hubpages account.

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