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Freda K Eckel is the owner of Rented Mule. She enjoys writing about all types of home and garden related topics, especially DIY projects that save the homeowner money and reflects their personal style.

She is currently writing a series of DIY articles for Hubpages which include gardening, home remodeling, decorating inside and out and more.

Freda enjoys creating the Scrappy SIgns Collection by painting handcrafted barnwood signs from reclaimed antique KY barnwood for her business. More information about the signs can be found here http://www.improve-your-home-and-garden.com/Scrappy-Signs.html Follow Scrappy SIgns on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scrappy-Signs-By-Rented-Mule/209485212423206

Her websites are SBI sites, find out all about the advantages of being an SBI owner for yourself at http://buildit.sitesell.com/neatstuff4.html

She also loves gardening, taking photos of her garden, and sharing them on Facebook and her websites, being creative and home renovation projects. See her latest garden photos at http://www.improve-your-home-and-gardens.com/My-Gardens.html

Freda does all of the writing for her home improvement site http://www.improve-your-home-and-garden.com which features DIY projects that have been done to her home and garden. Follow the website on facebook at ot http://www.facebook.com/pages/Improve-Your-Home-and-Gardencom/151090341597823


Follow RentedMule on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rented-Mule-DIY-Home-and-Garden-Improvements/206674036024018 to see the latest inspiring ideas for your home and garden.

Freda welcomes your comments on her individual Hubpages articles, which can be left at the bottom of any Hub.

She also welcomes your feedback and suggestions on her home improvement website. The link to leave comments there, is http://www.improve-your-home-and-garden.com/Comments.html.

Or share your own DIY project stories at http://www.improve-your-home-and-garden.com/DIY-Project-Ideas.html

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