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Rhodora (Rhanzie Flores)

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    Who Is He, He Is Who

    2 years ago

    We desire for someone to be with. But no one seems to be right to be with... All we know is there's someone just really right for us. Someone we know exist but never know who's that someone is... That's the feelings of belongingness.

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    Sun of a Flower (Sunflower)

    3 years ago

    What is a sunflower without the sun? What are we without the sunshine? Love is what makes our soul shines... Selflove is the sunshine that we all need. To be able to stand and share that unconditional love we have...

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    Her Half Selfie

    3 years ago

    Either we love or not to love... The issue is not that. We always have love in ourselves. But to find someone to share what the love we have is much harder. We want someone who deserves our wholeness. But the question is... Who deserves it really in the end?

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    Will He Fall In Love Again?

    3 years ago

    Man's heart can be hard and broken from past hurts. Causing it hard to trust again. And when you meet him, he's like living in a frozen shell... Hard to let him feel that unconditional love you wanted to share. And you'll question yourself, Will he still fall in love again?

  • Whatever Will Be...

    Whatever Will Be...

    3 years ago

    Life these days has no assurance of future. Just live life as it is. Fight as we can. Be strong as we might. We can't stop or step back. We can only stand our ground and move forward as we live the life day by day and be happy... For tomorrow is uncertain.

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    I Had Seen Your Soul

    2 years ago

    A blank verse poem that describes the connections between two souls who fall in love even before seeing each one another eyes to eyes... Touching each other skin to skin. But soulfully connected even before their birth.

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    Where My Soul Rest

    4 years ago

    That feeling like its the resting place of our tired soul. That place we feel we're finally home. And the place is with someone's arms.But, we never know until when we can just lay down there.Until when we can ever be with that someone is uncertain. Though, its the most peaceful place ever!

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    4 years ago

    To love isn't questionable. You love freely. You love unconditionally. To live life happily. What question you need to ask? Otherwise... Love no one. Love nothing...

  • The Invisible Tears

    The Invisible Tears

    4 years ago

    We hide our sadness, we don't show it to the world. Behind our laughters, an invisible tears flowing through. No one could ever see, but the only one who knows to mend your broken heart and soul.

  • Tonight on the Shore

    Tonight on the Shore

    4 years ago

    We hope,we love and we pray that someone we had waited for long will come after in our way. Maybe they were someone from the past lifetime, and we hope this life time two souls are meant to be reunited despite of all trials and waves that stands between them.

  • Man in the Water

    Man in the Water

    4 years ago

    There are things that is hard to explain and understand. Sometimes we find impossible but somehow a magical things could happen. Only if we keep believing that true love and happiness will truly comes to those who believes in it. Who knows, it's already yours before you could see it with your eyes.

  • Beautiful Soul (the feminine)

    Beautiful Soul (the feminine)

    4 years ago

    Woman's beauty does not rely on her material possessions, her beauty lies from within her soul. The strength, courage and patience that enlightens other people. And the unconditional love that most describe her femininity.

  • How Short Does it Lasts?

    How Short Does it Lasts?

    4 years ago

    Inspirational poem of love that tells about the value of a person and time of togetherness. Truthfulness no matter how long or short the relationship should lasts.


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