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  • Sons in Uniforms, Heroes

    Sons in Uniforms, Heroes

    3 weeks ago

    ‘Sons in Uniforms’ are my song lyrics in tribute to my beloved sons who are not only my heroes, but heroes to the public, as well. It is not their occupations that make them my heroes, however; it is their courageous souls. Enjoy these lyrics with “Nights in White Satin”, by The Moody...

  • First Responders, Brawn and Brains

    First Responders, Brawn and Brains

    2 weeks ago

    First Responders (Brawn and Brains), brave life-threatening dangers every day. What we consider epic, once-in-a-lifetime catastrophes are every day occurrences for these valiant heroes! These song lyrics are dedicated to these paladins who risk their lives to defend and protect us from monsters!

  • Award Winning Actors, The Narcissists

    Award Winning Actors, The Narcissists

    2 weeks ago

    Award winning performers can be realized for their astonishing acting skills after their productions are entirely over, as opposed to during the height of these performances (when we are wholly drawn in by the song and dance). Of course, I am speaking of Narcissists, and their cunning deceptions.

  • Cavalry Scouts, Heroes!

    Cavalry Scouts, Heroes!

    2 weeks ago

    Cavalry Scouts are the eyes and ears of the battlefield. This tribute to brave soldiers, and all heroes in the military, can be sang along with the popular Tears for Fears song: Everybody Wants to Rule The World. My deepest gratitude goes to these brave men and women of the United States Military!

  • Abusive Women

    Abusive Women

    2 weeks ago

    Abusive women can be vicious manipulators, and traumatized men need to have a voice, too, and know that they are not alone! These are actually song lyrics, that I wrote, to be sung along with the same rhythm and beat as Barracuda, by the popular classic group known as Heart. Videos included!

  • Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

    Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

    2 weeks ago

    Litter boxes and bad cat behavior can go hand-in-hand. My own stubborn, green-eyed feline refuses to keep his litter-box tidy; this is a gross understatement. Into the litter-box goes the clean Kitty-Litter, and right back out, it comes flying, at ridiculous speeds!

  • Why Mimicry, Now?

    Why Mimicry, Now?

    3 weeks ago

    “Why Mimicry, Now?“ can be sang along to the same beat and rhythm as, “Who Can It Be, Now”, by Men At Work. Videos included! Echoes can be like close, personal friends, until they get on our nerves by mimicking us, ...

  • Firefighters Tribute, Heroes

    Firefighters Tribute, Heroes

    8 weeks ago

    Firefighters Tribute, Paladins Strike, can be sung along with the two videos included in this post! One video is Instrumentals, and the other is Vocals. This classic, well-known hit that has the same beat as my metaphorical song lyrics about Firefighters is “Come Together”, by the Beatles....

  • Soldiers Tribute, Heroes

    Soldiers Tribute, Heroes

    2 weeks ago

    Soldiers Tribute, Eagle’s Wings, can be sung along with the classic song “Billy Jean”, by Michael Jackson. As you read the lyrics below, please remember our heroic soldiers and veterans! Thank you!

  • Crocodile Tears

    Crocodile Tears

    3 weeks ago

    “Crocodile Tears” can be sung to the same tune as “Born To Be Wild”, by Steppenwolf. I love the rhythm of this cool tune from 1968! I consider it to still be a big hit!

  • How I Installed My Aerial Yoga Swing

    How I Installed My Aerial Yoga Swing

    12 months ago

    An aerial yoga swing is not only a healthy way to do yoga poses, it's also an incredibly fun way to do them! Let me explain how I safely installed my aerial yoga swing.

  • Strange Addiction

    Strange Addiction

    2 weeks ago

    My strange addiction is described in my rhyming poem below. It is wonderful to have a passion in life, but it can become way too intrusive when it causes me to neglect, or even forget, my necessary activities of daily living!

  • None To Perish!

    None To Perish!

    2 weeks ago

    “None to Perish!” is about desperation attempting to take over our lives, as we pray, wondering why The Lord does not come right away to take us to Heaven. This poem explains the reason why The Lord is waiting for just the right moment!

  • Grateful Hearts!

    Grateful Hearts!

    8 weeks ago

    Grateful hearts are joyful hearts that have an overflowing desire to share their gifts of Divine Truths, love and happiness with others!

  • Fleeting Moments

    Fleeting Moments

    2 weeks ago

    Fleeting moments are utterly precious! Despite the distractions of our everyday life, taking notice and truly appreciating these blessed moments will nurture our souls and give to us the most lasting of rewards!

  • Spider-Man’s Brother, Narcissists

    Spider-Man’s Brother, Narcissists

    2 weeks ago

    Spider-Man’s Narcissistic brother is terrified of one thing, and rightly so. Since this one thing could actually result in Big Brother’s demise, he will protect it at any cost, no matter what harm might come to innocent others. Of course, not having a conscience allows him this tyrannical...

  • Followers of the Dark, Narcissists

    Followers of the Dark, Narcissists

    8 weeks ago

    Narcissists will lead their followers down a dangerous path of cunning lies, deception, manipulation, and prolific brainwashing tactics. Narcissists are corrupt leaders, void of any accountability.

  • Endless Love

    Endless Love

    8 weeks ago

    Endless love is a treasure that flows, tenderly and fragrantly; its sweetness enchants our path with an amazing, vibrant energy from the unprecedented joy it brings! True love is eternal.

  • Reality Bites the Dust

    Reality Bites the Dust

    2 weeks ago

    “Reality Bites The Dust” has the same rhythm and beat that can be sang along with Queen’s, ‘’Another One Bites The Dust’’. Enjoy!

  • Opposites Attract! Spock, And I

    Opposites Attract! Spock, And I

    2 weeks ago

    Opposites really do attract as evident in this rhyme below- including our own relationship memes! Spock is ever logical, and I am passionately emotional; yet, we are almost perfect for each other! Well, almost...

  • Confessions of an Oompa Loompa

    Confessions of an Oompa Loompa

    2 weeks ago

    Confessions are not always easy to disclose, but it’s time that I tell you mine. Being an Oompa Loompa was an inborn passion of mine that my parents put into good use by honing in on my natural Oompa Loompa skills at the tender age of 15. Thus, my career took off at the factory!

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Creative Writing

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Creative Writing

    2 weeks ago

    Narcissistic Personality Disordered individuals gain our trust with convincing facades of helpfulness and kindness. Then, once they have our trust, they will turn our entire world upside down.

  • Dogs With Wings!

    Dogs With Wings!

    2 weeks ago

    Dogs really can learn new tricks- like flying! Our English Bulldog has brilliantly mastered this skill with his new purple wings! To boot, when he hovers above me, I get a face full of drool. Magnificent.

  • Don’t Swim With Sharks!

    Don’t Swim With Sharks!

    2 weeks ago

    “Don’t Swim With Sharks” can be sang along with the song lyrics sung by, Flock of Seagulls, “I Ran”. Two videos included. These are man-eating, hungry sharks; so, do be careful!

  • Definition of Love

    Definition of Love

    2 weeks ago

    Definition of Love: The precious bond between a mother and her sons. There is no greater love than that which a mother has for her children. Such a love defies every, and all words, as well as any possible action. It is utterly indescribable in any earthly terms imaginable!

  • Spilling Emotions

    Spilling Emotions

    2 weeks ago

    Spilling emotions can bring about changes in our overall moods, just like the change of seasons. We all have ‘high and lows’, but how we act them out requires inner-reflection, awareness, and self-control, as well as knowledge of cause-and-effect.

  • Whispers of Thunder

    Whispers of Thunder

    2 weeks ago

    “Whispers of Thunder” has the same beat and rhythm as “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, made into rhyming song lyrics. Video included. Enjoy!

  • Backwards People

    Backwards People

    8 weeks ago

    Backwards people can make for unique, colorful and interesting personalities! Yet, there are some who see others’ differences as a justifiable reason to shame, bully, or even dehumanize them. Being different is completely all right as long as we remain authentic and true to our ourselves and...

  • What Is an Angry Dragon? PTSD

    What Is an Angry Dragon? PTSD

    2 weeks ago

    What is an Angry Dragon? This rhyming poem describes the Angry Dragon of debilitating Depression, Anxiety, and/or PTSD. The heroes of an Angry Dragon are its sufferers who live every day of their lives in its grip.

  • Donut Zone

    Donut Zone

    2 weeks ago

    “Danger Zone” by, Kenny Loggins, is the choice rhythm and beat in which this short story, Donut Zone, made into fun song lyrics (below), can be sung to. Videos included: Instrumentals and Vocals. So, sing-a-long, and enjoy!

  • Heroes, Firefighters!

    Heroes, Firefighters!

    8 weeks ago

    Heroes, such as firefighters, risk their lives everyday keeping us safe. This is a tribute to these brave and valiant individuals. Firefighters are a great blessing from The Lord, and speak of His Goodness thru their sacrificial actions. Thank you, Firefighters, Fire Engineers and First Responders!

  • Kingdom of Heaven

    Kingdom of Heaven

    2 weeks ago

    “Kingdom of Heaven” are Christian song lyrics that I wrote, which can be sung to the same beat and rhythm as “Killing Me Softly”, by Roberta Flack. Videos included- Instrumentals and Vocals. Enjoy!

  • Pizza My Heart

    Pizza My Heart

    2 weeks ago

    “Riders On The Storm” (by, The Doors), is the choice rhythm and beat in which this short story, made into fun song lyrics, (below), can be sang to. Video included. Enjoy!

  • Keeping Sociopaths Away

    Keeping Sociopaths Away

    3 weeks ago

    Keeping Sociopaths away sometimes requires desperate measures. Pet guillotines do the trick! However, for obvious reasons, these are dangerous pets that need to be kept caged unless they are on attack-mode. My pet guillotine is trained to sense incoming Dark Personalities!

  • Two Hearts

    Two Hearts

    2 weeks ago

    Two hearts waltz to the deep-flowing rhythm existing within each other’s impassioned embrace, hypnotically gliding across the floor where time has mysteriously ceased.

  • Need For Speed!

    Need For Speed!

    2 weeks ago

    “Need for Speed” is a short story that can be sung to the same rhythm and beat as “I Can’t Drive 55!”, by Sammy Hagar. Video included. Enjoy!

  • Let’s Play Blackjack!

    Let’s Play Blackjack!

    2 weeks ago

    “Let’s Play Blackjack!“ has the same rhythm and beat as “Enjoy The Silence”, by Depeche Mode. Video included. Enjoy!

  • Bullies on the Web

    Bullies on the Web

    2 weeks ago

    Bullies on the Web can be sung to the same rhythm and beat as “Riders On The Storm”, by The Doors. Videos are included. Enjoy!

  • Joy to The World!

    Joy to The World!

    2 weeks ago

    Joy and love to the world can be felt, along with magnificent peace from within, when touched by The Holy Spirit- though Jesus Christ.

  • Cats Kill

    Cats Kill

    3 weeks ago

    “Love Hurts”, by Nazareth, is the choice rhythm and beat in which this short story, Cats Kill, made into fun song lyrics can be sung to. Videos included- Instrumentals and Vocals. Enjoy!

  • Shelter From The Storm

    Shelter From The Storm

    2 weeks ago

    Rhyme- Though we might be able to take shelter from the assaults of the outside world, what should we do when we are plagued with abuses from the inside world- our inner-minds?

  • How To Find Freedom

    How To Find Freedom

    2 weeks ago

    How can we find freedom? Sometimes the things which we are so passionately searching for are already within our possession. We just need to believe and trust in the Love of God to reach these infinite heights. Let us ask Him Who is faithful to show us our wings! Actively ask, and we will receive.

  • Love Poem for Him

    Love Poem for Him

    7 weeks ago

    Love is a never-ending gift. It is worth our energies, time, and devotion. When all is said and done, what is life without love? The giving of this precious resource is just as fulfilling as being on the receiving end. Love is a life-giving and a lifesaving tonic to both the giver and the receiver.


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