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Name: Robert Reed Age: 63 married Home Town: Detroit,Mi. My wife and I are self-employed as a Holistic Practictioners, Certified Master Herbalists, Nutrionists and Dry Blood Cell Analysts, working toward completion of our degree as a naturopathic physicians. I may be able to communicate on various topics, but my dial is stuck on truth of health(spiritual and physical). I feel that the time has come for me to share the insights I have gained over the last decade and a half and knowing a time of reckoning is very near, I hope to be able to enlighten someone and myself even more since my studies have not ceased. I will be very frank with what I write about and truly do not try to offend. If you research thoroughly what is being said you may find food for thought, at least that is what my attentions are. I by no means consider myself a theologian or expert on religious matters just offering what I have found. I however, do claim creditable knowledge of healing through natural and alternative methods, hopefully, you find relief in my words, people are literally dying for lack of knowledge.

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  • Ancient Hebrews vs Modern Hebrew

    Ancient Hebrews vs Modern Hebrew

    5 years ago

    My inspiration and information comes from many sources and this article comes from Yachazy'al Yachazaq Yahu Shalum, Yachazyal@Yahuahislife. Elohim, hallelujah, tanak, kosher, amen, and messiah are not Hebrew words,...