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I have lived in this planet for quite a while now.

I've taken care of some beings, human and non-human. Actually I still do that, it's the most important thing to do, to take care of others.

For many years I've been a newspaper journalist. Nowadays, my main external activity is to write and to translate. French, Spanish, English.

I also paint and play a small instrument for kids called recorder. Actually it was an important instrument at the time of Bach but the symphonic orchestra practically eliminated its presence probably because it being almost inaudible close to such big body of powerful instruments. It gives much joy because after some months of initial small efforts you become forever at least "medium" proficient, you don't forget how to play it.

More than once I've thought that it was a pity to know so many things, some big, many, small --things I've learned through studying and through the experience of life-- and not to be able to give them to others. It was sad to think that they were going to die with me. Now I realize that this blessed medium, the internet, is going to be the means for me to share at least part of my humble riches with others. The internet has become our Alexandria Library, except that anybody can access it. I have the confidence that, in the future, through the mixture of divine forces an human ingenuity, those who will need the little pieces of information I intend to publish here will find them.

I think it's true that "all you need is love", both to receive love and to give love, non stop. It's the best recipe, probably the only good recipe for life. But love is not a fast-food recipe, it's something that one has to learn, train, and become proficient at, like Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus and many others.

I wish myself and all to become "doctors in love".

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