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A native Californian, I lived in Hawaii for over 20 years, and then returned back to California in 2002 where I reside in a charming mountain community west of Palm Springs.

I have been blessed with growing up in a musical family where I learned to play the piano and sing through the teachings of my mother.

I started teaching piano at the ripe old age of 12 and then began teaching voice at 16. I have since taught and directed many performance groups and chorale groups throughout Hawaii and California for nearly 30 years.

My first love is the theatre. I have been involved in acting and directing since High School and have continued to direct to this day.
My favorite role I played was Mrs. Potts, in the Disney Classic, Beauty and the Beast. I have directed over 100 musicals in my career. I continue to direct and I am getting ready to cast our musical this season.

Being the owner of two online home décor stores keeps me very busy, however I find that writing helps me to keep a nice even balance to my day by thinking outside the box, creating, and doing what I love – sharing.

I have been influenced by so many wonderful people and fellow writers here on Hub Pages. This venue is the perfect place to let your creative juices flow. Every individual here on Hub Pages has something to offer and I have learned from some of the best.

My hubs are influenced by my work, my hobbies, music and theatre and where I have lived.

My favorite hubs are my “MOM” hubs which are centered around the antics of my mother while I was “raising her.” They are absolutely true and have brought many smiles and laughs to those who have read them. If you read no other hubs of mine, I encourage you to read the MOM series. I guarantee that you will laugh at least once that day!

Kick your shoes off, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the site. Feel free to contact me anytime!



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