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  • If God Is Unchanging, Why Do the LDS Change So Much?

    If God Is Unchanging, Why Do the LDS Change So Much?

    4 months ago

    LDS president Russell Nelson said "the restoration is only the beginning." This seems to contradict Joseph Smith's declaration that the Church has been fully restored. This article will help us to know the difference between "restoration of the church," and "restoration of all things."

  • Is There a Hidden Well in Your Yard?

    Is There a Hidden Well in Your Yard?

    4 years ago

    Ever wondered if there was a well on your property? Even wondered what that bubbling swamp is in your yard? This article shows how one home-owner found a well on his property and modified it to fit his needs and/or plans.

  • Mommy, Why Is There a Parabolic Mirror in Our Flashlight?

    Mommy, Why Is There a Parabolic Mirror in Our Flashlight?

    5 years ago

    Learn why flashlights have parabolic mirrors, and how you can make your own larger parabolic dish to use as a solar stove.

  • The Visit - A Christian Father's Day Story

    The Visit - A Christian Father's Day Story

    22 months ago

    This is an uplifting Father's Day pass-time. It shows how a child values the time a parent spends with him or her, and even the forgiving nature of children after an oversight that hurts the child.

  • Quick No-prep Magic Tricks

    Quick No-prep Magic Tricks

    8 years ago

    Ever find yourself with a group of people and nothing to do? This article will show you how to break the ice, fill in gaps, and warm up the ambiance with simple, no-prep magic tricks.

  • The Three Gifts From the Wise Men - a Christmas Story

    The Three Gifts From the Wise Men - a Christmas Story

    4 months ago

    Good people are not necessarily free from tragedies, nor have they always escaped from the evils of men. This story considers the life of one such person: Avishai, one of the shepherds who witnessed the declaration of the angels who came to deliver the news that their Savior was born, is the main...

  • How to Make Your Own Table Saw

    How to Make Your Own Table Saw

    5 years ago

    You don't have to buy a table saw in order to do slitting, ripping and notching in your long pieces of wood. Just use the saw in your garage. This article shows you how to do it.

  • The Magic of Controlled Tickling

    The Magic of Controlled Tickling

    8 years ago

    I know of no better way to relax or to feel the transcendental peace of heaven than to have someone scratch my feet. It took me a while to arrive at the point of being able to transform a tickling sensation into a massage that has to be unequalled...

  • Scratch That Mosquito Bite!

    Scratch That Mosquito Bite!

    5 years ago

    Hints for Hives and Allergies Well, it's happened again: One of them dern mosquitoes got to you anyway, in spite of all your advanced technological efforts to ward them off. Now what? If you scratch it, it gets bigger and itches more. Is it time...

  • Do the Innocent Really Suffer?

    Do the Innocent Really Suffer?

    22 months ago

    We have all seen innocent people and children suffer, and then we often look heavenward and ask, "Why?" This article is written to help the bereaved or survivor find comfort in the death or suffering of a loved one. It is written by someone who has known suffering first hand, and who has read of...


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