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    Coffee Beans: Harvesting and Processing

    13 months ago

  • History of Beards

    History of Beards

    13 months ago

  • Noise Control

    Noise Control

    13 months ago

  • What Is Sabermetrics

    What Is Sabermetrics

    13 months ago

  • What is engraving?

    What is engraving?

    13 months ago

  • Outboard Motor

    Outboard Motor

    12 years ago

    An outboard motor is a detachable, externally mounted propulsion system for small boats. An outboard motor consists basically of an engine or motor connected to a propeller by means of a drive shaft and gears. By far the most common outboard power...

  • Differential Gear

    Differential Gear

    12 years ago

    The differential gear is an assembly of gears that connects a divided shaft and permits the two sections of the shaft to rotate at different speeds or varying relative speeds. The most common application of the differential gear is in the automobile...

  • Automobile Power Transmission System

    Automobile Power Transmission System

    12 years ago

    The clutch is a mechanism for connecting and disconnecting the engine and the attached manual transmission in cars equipped with a hand-operated gearshift. This operation is necessary when shifting gears from one ratio to another, when starting the...

  • Automotive Lubrication System

    Automotive Lubrication System

    5 years ago

    The engine lubrication system serves two purposes: it reduces metal-to-metal friction and wear between rotating and sliding parts, and it carries excess heat away from the engine. Among the important surfaces requiring lubrication are the crankshaft...

  • Automobile Fuel System

    Automobile Fuel System

    12 years ago

    The fuel system consists of a fuel tank, fuel pump, carburetor, intake manifold, and exhaust manifold. The fuel tank, ranging in capacity from 14 to 26 gallons, generally is located beneath the body or in the fenders at the rear of the automobile. A...

  • Automobile Engine System

    Automobile Engine System

    12 years ago

    Despite challenges from steam, electricity, and more recently the gas turbine engine, the 4-stroke-cycle gasoline-burning piston engine still is considered the most suitable power plant for automobiles. During the 1960's more than half of all United...

  • Automotive Electrical System

    Automotive Electrical System

    5 years ago

    The automotive electrical system consists of a storage battery, a direct-current (dc) or alternating-current (ac) generator, a starting motor, the ignition system, lighting, and such accessories as a radio, indicating gauges, and the driving motors...

  • 0

    Understanding the Automotive Chassis System

    5 months ago

    The term "chassis" is used to designate the complete car minus the body. The chassis, therefore, consists of the engine, power-transmission system, and suspension system all suitably attached to, or suspended from, a structurally independent frame.

  • Carburettor


    12 years ago

    Carburettor, a device attached to an internal combustion engine which uses a volatile fuel such as petrol. Before the fuel can be effectively burned in the engine cylinder it must be vaporised and mixed with the air supply in definite proportions:...

  • Shock Absorber

    Shock Absorber

    12 years ago

    A Shock Absorber is any of several mechanical devices for absorbing the energy of sudden impacts. Spring-type shock absorbers, which are often made of rubber, generally are used to protect delicate instruments from direct impacts. Hydraulic shock...

  • Automotive Cooling System

    Automotive Cooling System

    12 years ago

    Cooling system. Water in radiator is cooled by air sucked through the radiator by the fan. A pump drives cooled water from the bottom of the radiator through ducts in the engine block and cylinder head. As it becomes hot, the water transfers heat from engine to radiator where the heat is...

  • Clutch


    12 years ago

    A clutch is a coupling that can be engaged and disengaged as required and used to transmit torque (rotational force) from a driving shaft to a driven shaft. Most clutches are designed to drive an initially stationary shaft from a continuously...

  • Branding


    12 years ago

    A brand is a scar left from a special design, or mark, burned on the hides of cattle, horses, and other animals for the purpose of identification. Most brands are relatively simple, often only a number or a picture symbol for the name of a...


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