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Hello. I am a young writer and blogger. I am from Jordan. I am a bookish individual. I write about sciences, photography, social media, and anything related to books or reading.

I aslo write movie and book reviews. I love Twitter and Pinterest. They are two of my favourite websites.

Looking forward to your opinion and your vote.

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  • How To Say

    How To Say "Hello" & "Goodbye" in 10 Languages

    5 years ago

    Hello: an expression of greeting. Goodbye: an expression of farewell. "Hello" and "Goodbye" are two of the very common and important words in any language, therefore, if you are a peripatetic around the world or love...

  • How to Say

    How to Say "Good Morning" in 10 Languages

    4 years ago

    I've always thought that learning new languages is super fun. You do not need to know the language fully nor to speak it fluently, because that would be so hard and take a lot of time. It is enough to know a little from...