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Joined 10 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina




Also follow me on:

I'm an amateur photographer, urban explorer, blogger and love all things haunted and abandoned. I love to travel, write and have a love affair with the american automobile. I have many interests and always looking to network with new people.

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    • Ford Focus

      Ford Focus

      16 months ago

      I'm looking through some old posts and I found one where I'd posted about Ford Focus(2001 with valve seat issue, in SPI engine not zetec) and had recommended no one buy a Ford Focus. It was a very long fight with the warranty company to replace the 2001's engine(it ended up being a used one which...

    • Hit On Outrageously

      Hit On Outrageously

      16 months ago

      Ok, I'm not sure if this is where this belongs but I wanted to get some input. Just a little background. I'm currently travelling(Oklahoma) and do all the time for business, etc. So today in Walmart a guy(20 yrs younger) hits on me. Summed up, "I'm married with 2 kids, wife's not giving me any...

    • Relationships: Christianity: Unequally Yoked, Vices, etc.

      Relationships: Christianity: Unequally Yoked, Vices, etc.

      2 years ago

      I'm curious, how important is being equally yoked from a christian perspective or any perspective really?After I left my ex husband(who I wasn't legally married to) because he was alcoholic I ran into the same problems that I'd had before meeting him when it came to good men. I don't think I'm...

    • Soulmates


      2 years ago

      Was reading a post from 5 yrs ago about this and decided to start my own....Anyway, I don't believe in soulmates. There was a time when I did. The closest I would define a soul mate would be someone who loves you, stays by your side and doesn't leave no matter what. This doesn't mean the person is...

    • Giving Up On Love

      Giving Up On Love

      2 years ago

      After yet another failed love relationship (we're still best friends) I've decided to opt out once and for all. Some say it's crazy but it's just a waste of time. If by chance I meet someone fine but I'm not looking and really want nothing more than friendship. To be honest I can find better things...

    • Roommate General

      Roommate General

      3 years ago

      Hi thought I'd put this out here and get opinions. I've been living at my current place for a yr. The terms of the agreement was I'd live rent free as long as I took my roommates sons back and forth to school and where they needed to go and him to work when it was cold. He got 2 dui's and can't...

    • Complicated Situation

      Complicated Situation

      3 years ago

      First, I want to say I'm back writing articles here on HP. After being home for a few months and on the road travelling for a year and a half.I would like advice on my conundrum.I'm not sure this belongs here. Here's my situation. It's complicated.I'm trying to define what I have here. I'm living...

    • Threats


      4 years ago

      This may not belong here but I'm getting ready to write an article on this particular thing and the lascivity of law enforcement/state law when it comes to death threats.I certainly would like input on the subject that I may include in my article.Recently we(husband and I) were threatened. Not...

    • Bad Ford Focus Engines

      Bad Ford Focus Engines

      5 years ago

      This is not something I would normally talk about here on HP but due to a recent development I decided to discuss it.I've been a Ford fan for a while now and do love Ford. I love my Taurus's even though I've done a fair amount of work on them.I can't however, in good concscience recommend a Ford...

    • HP's no longer has tagging feature

      HP's no longer has tagging feature

      5 years ago

      I went to start a new hub and realized HP has changed. I looked all around to see if tagging feature was still around but it's not. So what happened to the tag feature?Why did HP get rid of it? I don't know about some but I only used relevant keywords.

    • Hi, ever been to the Spencer Mtn House in Charlotte(it's actually Spencer Mtn ou

      Hi, ever been to the Spencer Mtn House in Charlotte(it's actually Spencer Mtn ou

      8 years ago

      Hi, ever been to the Spencer Mtn House in Charlotte(it's actually Spencer Mtn out of Ranlo) or...Lincoln Academy Rd in Gastonia? What about Herdklotz Park in Greenville SC or Hells Gate Cemetery in Spartanburg SC(oakwood cemetery next to Converse college) or the Spartanburg tanning yards? Been to...