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    7 months ago

    Yesterday, our neighbor’s 15-year-old chihuahua got hit and killed by a UPS truck. And although Petey wasn’t my dog, his untimely death hit me hard, just the same.

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    A Good Day For Reading

    8 months ago

    For me, rainy afternoons are meant for either one of two things – sleeping or reading. Today, I think was the perfect day for the latter.

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    A Tribute to Daddy

    9 months ago

    Daddy lived his life to serve others and in doing so, made his small piece of the world a better place.

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    How Is Real Love Truly Expressed?

    10 months ago

    Let me tell you how REAL love is truly expressed – not only on Valentine’s Day – but EVERY day.

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    A Winter Beach Retreat

    10 months ago

    The beach in winter has a personality all its own. There’s something so calming and peaceful about its’ desert-like existence.

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    Ms. Ophelia

    12 months ago

    Ms. Ophelia is eighty years old and getting ready to publish her first novel.

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    Daddy's Last Gift

    23 months ago

    You'll always remember the last gift you received from someone who was special in your life. For me, it was the last Christmas gift I received from my Daddy who died of Covid in February 2021.

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    Periwinkle - Another Name for "Daddy"

    2 years ago

    The periwinkle was one of my Daddy's favorite flowers. It wasn't until after his recent death that I learned they BOTH had something in common!

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    Not Again God!

    2 years ago

    Life can be full of "not again, God" moments in which you question whether or not you have the strength to endure a stressful or life changing event that has happened before. I was faced with one of those "not again" moments just recently in which my faith in God and MYSELF was severely tested.

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    Failure to Thrive - My Mother's Passing

    3 years ago

    My mother recently passed away from "failure to thrive". Now her loved ones have to find the strength, courage and will to THRIVE without her.

  • Junk Pile Junkin'

    Junk Pile Junkin'

    3 years ago

    Sifting through an old junk pile can be a fun and interesting way to "dig up memories" from days gone by. Come with me and explore an old junk pile in the woods behind my house, and travel back to a simpler time.

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    Life in a Fog

    3 years ago

    Life can be like walking in a fog at times. I never noticed the similarities until recently, as I took a foggy morning walk around our farm.

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    Where Is All This Hate Coming From?

    4 years ago

    HATE has been slowly erupting in the world like a rumbling volcano. But exactly WHERE is all this hate coming from? Are the dark forces of evil working overtime, or is it more "man-made" due to our changing times? More importantly, HOW can we stop it - or at least keep it in check?

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    When Anxiety Was Great Within Me

    4 years ago

    At one time in my life, I was greatly plagued with severe anxiety and panic attacks - even to the point of not even being able to leave my own home for fear of having a panic attack in public! I'll never forget how it all started...

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    Sad Lines

    6 years ago

    Sad lines are found in novels, poetry and especially music. What's the saddest line YOU'VE ever heard? Or wrote? Join the "sad line challenge" and see if you can write a line that can make me cry!

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    Through the Grapevine: Review of Candoni Chianti

    13 months ago

    A wine review for 2013 Candoni De Zan Chianti wine.

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    My First Tattoo: In Memory of Ginger, My Chocolate Lab

    18 months ago

    At 54 years old, I finally decided to get inked for the first time. It was a decision I had contemplated for several years, but it took a major life event to make it a reality.

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    What It Means to Love an Old Dog

    4 years ago

    Loving an old dog is the next closest thing to looking in the mirror and seeing your own senior reflection staring back.

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    Rebound Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, Sexier, and Healthier Body!

    11 years ago

    Rebounding is an energizing, safe and effective exercise for people of all ages. With daily use, rebounding can help melt fat, tone muscles and help build a stronger, leaner, sexier body. Rebounding primarily works the lymph system to help cleanse the body of unwanted toxins and builds up the...


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