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Welcme and Thanks for reading my hub.

I am a home maker from india. I like photo graphy, reading novels, blogging and surfing web. I also love software programming. I worked as software faculty for around 3 years. Being passionate in writing and internet, i continue my journey here on web pages.

I also love writing lyrics, jokes, paintings and would like to entertain this hub with a variety.

Secret of success

Living in a round we are, looking for serenity and few pennies...
Often crossed each other in a point, never felt each other as better half..!
Vained attempt we know, spending life for looking a penny....
Electric sight flared off one day at your eyes, made me what i'm today!!!

You are the secret of all my success, sweet heart!!

Love gives us the desire to enjoy and win the game of life, so love your sweet heart, love the world, love your friends, neighbours and enjoy your life all the time.

I wanted to be a writer and to start with, limiting my self to a few subjects on technologies i learned. Am also attempting to write few articles, stories and other areas.

Always welcome comments and feedback.

Enjoy reading.

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