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I am a B. E Computer Science graduate working as a freelance IT Business consultant. I have 5 years of work experience in web designing and application development from various companies and 2+ years of experience in online business. I am also a PMI member since 2011, passion and work towards Project Management. Currently be a part of PMI Kerala Chapter, Thiruvananthapuram.

The last couple of years ago, I was working as a manager of a professional sports club in my hometown. There I found a suitable position that helps me a lot to engage with many people, working together as a team and coaching activities. Along with these extra activities, I was continuing my study in project Management with Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania, Newtown Square U.S. Before a Year I was an active member in PMI Bangalore-India Chapter.

Apart from my professional activities, I love traveling, reading and working with new people from different sectors.

Currently I step into article writing, online business etc. At the start of my career, I was reading a lot rather than writing. My intension towards hub pages is mainly to write useful contents for the visitor’s or reader’s which helps to do innovative experiments, adopting new methods in the field of organic gardening, sports and recommending good products that I found for other people who willing to do experiments and having courage to become successfull in their innovations.

After started writing in hub pages, I felt happiness to provide useful information to others and sharing known facts from my life experiences.

Now you have a question in your mind that how he (I am) interested in organic gardening and moreover he (I) is a techie guy.Behind this interest, I have a story to share with you.

I was started doing organic gardening before 3 years back and did lot of experiments in my home organic gardening. It was quite amazing experience that gives happiness and enthusiasm in my life to stay positive and doing good.

I came from my home town about a year ago and currently staying in the garden city-Bangalore. Here I had a chance to met a lot of good people from diverse cultures willing to exchange their ideas. Now working with some freelance projects and my own projects. Now working with some international Clients and being busy with online business. Beside of these, I would like to convey the methods I tried before and new methods which I found from my research oriented study through my articles in my leisure time.

I am open to any comments or suggestions by the readers in my blogs/ articles and also further clarifications sought by an inquisitive reader which can be conveyed to me through comments on each hub or personally without any hesitation. It will help me to improve myself to write more good contents for you and this feels me an awesome pleasure to understand others point of view as well.

If you wish then you can join with me on facebook. Welcome those who will like to join professionally, share your knowledge with me, you can visit my LinkedIn page.

Do the best in your works and be honest in your relationships.Then you can always find happiness in your life. Many blessings to all of you. Be happy always.

“Dream Big, start small and act now.”- Robin Sharma.

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