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Sherry Zimmerman profile image

Sherry Evans (Zimmerman) (Sherry Zimmerman)

Joined 6 years ago from Troy, Ohio




Also follow me on:

Sitting idle is simply not something I have ever done well. I believe it’s a family trait as my father was a firefighter with a 24 on 48 off schedule. His off days he worked full-time on a friend's farm. Similarly, my mother worked full-time as a legal assistant and had a court reporting business on the side. I gained my work ethic from them early, working on the farm with Dad at age 10 and starting at the law-firm with Mom at 12. I continued to work there through high school and my writing skills were highly praised by teachers and my employer.

I didn’t start college until the youngest of my three children was a teenager, and continued working full-time while attending both Edison Community College and Franklin University. Although not my field of study, instructors and classmates praised my writing and submitted several pieces of my work to national writing competitions.

In typical Sherry fashion, I also took on the challenge of building a new house - without a contractor - while attending college. During that process, a year before graduating, I accepted a position with a wholesale industrial and electrical distributor and their sister company, a custom control panel and wire harnesses assembly shop.

Several times since starting college, I’ve been approached about pursuing a hobby or career in writing, but felt there simply wasn't time with so much else on my plate. Currently, I remain the entire marketing department for both companies, but did graduate Summa Cum Laude with dual degrees in Business Administration and Marketing and with multiple writing awards in various categories. The house (which I’ve decided will never be finished) is now home, and my youngest has graduated from high school. I find myself with something I’ve never really had before - free time!

Growing up with two younger brothers, I was a typical tomboy and enjoyed "helping Dad out" in the garage, which eventually turned into a love of auto mechanics. My other hobbies include reading just about anything from historical fiction to technical manuals, a number of arts and crafts - cross-stitch, plaster casting, woodworking and everything in between, baking - NOT cooking (now that’s a potential hub… “How to NOT be the family cook”), and my favorite vacation is camping... especially near amusement parks with the best roller-coasters.

I've been dubbed the family historian and have created several books for family members. I’ve also been an avid World of Warcraft player since 2008 and recently built several websites for guilds, all of which included a great deal of writing... and again, a great many comments and prompts from people that I should pursue writing.

I began with a couple of hubs related to genealogy and then set my attention on several other business projects... Again neglecting to write for my own enjoyment. My hope is that I will somehow be able to integrate the two and pick up at HubPages again.

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