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Hey there! I am a pasionate freelance writer. I enjoy writing fantasy books in my free time but really I'll write about anything that interests me. I am also an Aggressive skater, online gamer and I draw in my free time. Thats me! Will...thats some of me.

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  • Weird and Awesome Facts

    Weird and Awesome Facts

    3 months ago

    This article will arm you with all of the weird and utterly awesome facts you can handle. Use these facts to awe friends and family with how intelligent you are and break an awkward silence.

  • Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

    Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

    4 months ago

    I, like most, enjoy sitting down in front of the t.v as that show is about to start. That show that you can't stand to miss a single episode of. This article is for those shows that were canceled.

  • Team Fortress 2 for a Pacifist

    Team Fortress 2 for a Pacifist

    4 months ago

    TF2 is an online first person shooter (fps) PC game that is full of death, blood, and violence. However, if you don't like any of that. You can still play the game and have loads of nonviolent fun.

  • 5 Movies That Will Change the Way You Think

    5 Movies That Will Change the Way You Think

    4 months ago

    Sitting down to watch a movie is one of the favorite past times in our modern world. We watch movies that change us and the way we see things. I want to share the movies that changed the way I think.

  • The Silkworms Game

    The Silkworms Game

    5 months ago

    This is a short story of a long forgotten legend of the never ending game. A dangerous game of riddles which takes place between the Queen of China and a magical Silkworm that fell into her tea.