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    Negative Reaction to a Horsefly Bite: My Recovery Experience

    14 months ago

    Horsefly bites are painful and can take many days and even weeks to heal fully. Read about my recent experience.

  • Getting braces on your teeth at aged 45! What is it like?

    Getting braces on your teeth at aged 45! What is it like?

    5 years ago

    Are you ever too old to get braces? 45 year old teacher gets ceramic braces for impacted canines

  • A Greyhound as a pet?

    A Greyhound as a pet?

    11 years ago

    After losing Brutus whilst living in France, I was adamant that I didn't want another dog. Getting up early to walk it, not being able to just 'go out' without worrying what time we needed to get home, and finding holiday destinations where we could...

  • That stupid chicken

    That stupid chicken

    13 years ago

    That stupid chicken, a gift from the neighbour her beady eyes staring, laughing as she jumped the fence making her bid for freedom through the hedge and into the darkness no net or blanket could catch this little bird too quick for us, too...

  • Long or short riding boots?

    Long or short riding boots?

    14 years ago

    I've loved horses and been riding for as long as I can remember, and over the years have ridden in short riding boots, long riding boots, trainers and mucking out boots. It's all about personal choice but thought I would give you a little insight...

  • 121

    Removing a Skin Tag From a Dog

    6 months ago

    Does your dog have a skin tag that needs to be removed? Read about our experience to learn more about this process.

  • Have you ever seen a ghosts?

    Have you ever seen a ghosts?

    5 years ago

    I'm going to tell you a story, you may not believe me, but I will swear to you, hand on heart that I believe it to be true. On our 10th Wedding Anniversary 4 years ago, my husband secretly arranged for us to visit Lake Windermere in the Lake...

  • 5 Easy to make Vegetarians Meals

    5 Easy to make Vegetarians Meals

    14 years ago

    These recipes have been tried and tested and tweaked and altered until they taste perfecto! The chef in our house (ha ha not me, my husband) was trained as a chef a number of years ago and until now, with time on his hands, he has been...

  • Birthday parties for dogs

    Birthday parties for dogs

    14 years ago

    A few weeks ago my mother-in-law told me that her dog, a handsome and quite manly, Belgium Shephard named Zeus had been invited to a birthday party. How strange I thought that an invitation would come to a dog, but it was for their friends dogs...

  • 10

    Photography for Fun

    5 years ago

    My Dad has always been my inspiration for photography, I can't recall a holiday or outing when he wasn't carrying a camera of some sort or another. I recall my first camera as a gift from my parents (my sister and I both got one so we didn't...

  • Poetry for Lovers

    Poetry for Lovers

    5 years ago

    Forever, loved, time together, the same person, the same thoughts, minds working together, forever. A creation of love like a mist, rolling in across bodies shining with perspiration, together like one, heightened feelings, forever,...

  • A natural anti-depressent

    A natural anti-depressent

    13 years ago

    Whether you have had a spell of illness, have promised to take more exercise or just want to get out into the sunshine, walking sounds like it's just for you. Long days at work undertaking the daily grind, never seeing the outside of an office...

  • The Chicken Coop - Tales of the lost cock-a-doodle-doo

    The Chicken Coop - Tales of the lost cock-a-doodle-doo

    14 years ago

    In a country, in a village, in a garden there was a family of, no not humans but chickens. Well actually there was one cockerel called Neil and two hens called Marie and Kim. They lived happily together pecking the ground for worms and grubs and...

  • 5 Top 'FREE' sights to visit in Northern Brittany

    5 Top 'FREE' sights to visit in Northern Brittany

    12 years ago

    A popular destination located approx 20 km south of Morlaix, is surrounded by well marked forests, and the astonishing giant boulders. My pictures shown and in guide books do this amazing, magical place no justice at all. Said to be created...

  • 5 top tips for keeping Hens

    5 top tips for keeping Hens

    14 years ago

    Our flock Top Tip No.1 - How many birds do you need? Well...... What are your egg requirements? How many eggs do you want to eat per week? Do you want to make lots of cakes, omeletes, pancakes? Or just the odd boiled egg for breakfast....

  • Top 5 best chic reads

    Top 5 best chic reads

    14 years ago

    Ok ladies, you may have kids running around with nappies to change, you may have a tiresome job in the city keeping you busy until all hours but there is never any excuse not to spent some time reading a great book. So, find a quiet corner and...


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