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    Mindfulness: Show Up for Your Life

    5 years ago

    The daily lifestyle of the average person is hectic and stressful. Taking a moment to pause, breathe, and be present, can restore our sanity.

  • Pagan Ritual: A Primer for Non-Pagans

    Pagan Ritual: A Primer for Non-Pagans

    7 years ago

    You, a non-Pagan, have been invited to a Pagan Ritual. What should you expect? What is okay - or not okay - to do? Here is some advice.

  • The Everyday Witch

    The Everyday Witch

    7 years ago

    For a Wise Woman or Man, a Witch, or another practitioner of the Old ways, The Path isn’t something you do, it is something you live everyday. The sacred is found in the most mundane of places. Here a

  • Samhain: The Call of the Ancestors

    Samhain: The Call of the Ancestors

    8 years ago

    For many Pagans, the holy day of Samhain (SOW-en or SAH-wen) is a day to honour the Ancestors. It is a solemn time to communicate with those on the other side of the veil with ease and reverence. Here

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    5 Most Common Questions to Ask a Witch

    16 months ago

    I have never introduced myself by saying “Hi, I’m Sharon the Witch” and Witchcraft doesn’t come up in normal conversation either. Yet, sometimes, someone will notice my pentacle or triple moon, and I invite them to a question or five; here are the most common.

  • Communicating Intuitively with Animals

    Communicating Intuitively with Animals

    9 years ago

    Ever wish that you could communicate intuitively with your pet? Do you feel that your animal companion is trying to tell you something, but you aren't getting the message? Or do you simply want to know what is on their mind? Here are some tips to help you understand animals better.

  • Why do I Need a Personal Sacred Space?

    Why do I Need a Personal Sacred Space?

    9 years ago

    Many spiritual systems talk about having a sacred space. How do you go about setting one up and more importantly, why?

  • How Can I Tap Into My Psychic Awareness?

    How Can I Tap Into My Psychic Awareness?

    9 years ago

    You may hear some psychic say that only certain people are “born with the gift”. Hogwash. We all have the innate ability. How, or if, you develop it is up to you.

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    5 Scary Cards in the Tarot

    16 months ago

    Some images in the Tarot can be scary to those unacquainted with the cards. This is a brief discussion of five of the more common scary cards...and how to interpret them more creatively.

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    What Is the Difference Between Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle Cards?

    3 years ago

    The card reader is a mysterious being—with their strange cards, they see what is in store for the person at their table. Here is a brief overview of the various card types your reader might be using to answer your questions.

  • Holiday Survival Tips for Empaths

    Holiday Survival Tips for Empaths

    9 years ago

    The holidays can be a stressful time for most people. If you are an Empath, much more so. Here I offer some suggestions as to how Empaths can get through it and enjoy the season.

  • Holiday Survival Tips For Pagans

    Holiday Survival Tips For Pagans

    9 years ago

    The holiday season can pose special challenges to Pagans, especially those new to the path. These are some thoughts on that topic.

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    Is There a Positive Side to Being an Empath?

    16 months ago

    Is being an empath difficult for you? Is carrying others' emotions sometimes too much. Although it seems that being Empathic can be overwhelming and difficult, there are some very positive things about it as well. Read on for the upsides of empathy.

  • 16

    Am I an Empath?

    16 months ago

    Ever wondered if your ability for empathy is unique? Do you often feel like a more empathetic person than those around you? Discover traits that could indicate you are an empath. Coping strategies for empaths are included!

  • How do I Begin on a Pagan Path?

    How do I Begin on a Pagan Path?

    6 years ago

    Many people today seem to be looking for a spiritual path. Perhaps they never had one and feel a void, or maybe the tradition they were raised in was not right for them. As a result there are many seekers out there. Some of these seekers have discovered Paganism and have questions. This is for...


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