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Steve Collier (Steppeno)

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    Angel on My Shoulder

    11 years ago

    We all have an "Angel on Our Shoulder" from time to time, but actually seeing one is very rare for most of us. Feeling the hair on your arms or neck rise and tingle for no apparent reason is a pretty good indication that a 'Spirit' is near, but it also has a lot to do with the frame of mind we find...

  • Can We Foretell The Future ?

    Can We Foretell The Future ?

    11 years ago

    Glimpses into the future are often found in our dreams, but the information we receive isn't always very clear. Many times our dreams will give us this information in a riddle of sorts, to foretell of coming events which will touch our lives in a very emotional way. Trying to unveil the actual...

  • It's Not Nice To Fool With Mother Nature...

    It's Not Nice To Fool With Mother Nature...

    13 years ago

    It was a beautiful spring morning by all standards as two old friends set out to play a round of golf at the local golf course... This had become somewhat of a rivalry over the years, because without fail, every-other Saturday was the day they...

  • TheTraveling Brush Salesman ...

    TheTraveling Brush Salesman ...

    13 years ago

    After an exhausting month of seeking employment at every factory and business in town, two friends decided they would try their luck applying for a job at the Acme Brush Co., but the only positions available were door to door salesmen. One of the...

  • The Tale of Two Trees

    The Tale of Two Trees

    13 years ago

    Just for a moment, try to imagine what it would be like to live as a tree growing in the forest... Having your roots firmly planted in the ground for such a long period of time would tend to give you a limited perspective on the world around you,...

  • Independent Elderly Need Our Help ...

    Independent Elderly Need Our Help ...

    13 years ago

      Life in general can be very challenging, but the harsh cold of winter presents many extra challenges for certain groups that could really use a little extra help in the cold of winter... As a society, we take for granted that everyone is taken...

  • The Man With a

    The Man With a "Four Legged" Chicken

    13 years ago

    Living in the mountains of Northeast Georgia all my life has given me privileges most people don't get to experience. Streams filled with trout and beautiful natural landscapes provided courtesy of the Southern most point of the Appalachian...

  • Harvesting Deadwood to Heat Your Home

    Harvesting Deadwood to Heat Your Home

    13 years ago

    Harvesting deadwood from insect and disease damaged forests for home heating is far more beneficial than you might imagine on several aspects, and a practice I have used exclusively over the past 15 years to heat my family's home. The wood I cut is...

  • 1

    What is a "Good Neighbor"?

    13 years ago

    For the most part, all my life I have been blessed with good neighbors... But what really defines a “Good Neighbor” in the eyes of anyone that has to live in a neighborhood? Quiet and mysterious households are nice to look at, but we...

  • Cockin' My Doodle ...

    Cockin' My Doodle ...

    13 years ago

    One of the most important things we as adults can do for our children ( or grandchildren ) is listen to what they have to say. Often it is easy to put their small worlds and thoughts aside because we have more important things to worry about at the...

  • How to Survive a Winter Ice Storm

    How to Survive a Winter Ice Storm

    13 years ago

    Homeowners in the Southeastern United States are accustomed to winter Ice Storms and have learned to cope with them quite well over the years, but it seems with Global Warming and weather patterns changing with every passing winter, these Ice Storms...


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