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    Madam C.J. Walker: The First Female Self-Made Millionaire

    19 months ago

    Madam C.J. Walker was not one to give up. Her can-do attitude and unwavering perseverance propelled her to succeed. She became the first female self-made millionaire in America. Read on to learn how she did it. If you don't know her story, you need to!

  • 7

    Annie Edsen Taylor: Niagara Falls Daredevil

    3 months ago

    Annie Edsen Taylor decided to become a Niagara Falls daredevil after her husband was killed in the American Civil War. She hoped the stunt would provide the fame and fortune she felt she deserved.

  • 17

    Popcorn Sutton - The Ultimate Moonshiner

    10 years ago

    Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton may have been a hillbilly but he was also an entrepreneur who surprisingly knew much about marketing. He was descended from a long line of moonshiners and considered it his heritage to produce it. Popcorn was small in build...

  • 25

    Sell Your Antiques Online

    6 years ago

    There's always Ebay but did you know there are several excellent other online venues where you can sell your antiques and collectibles? Many offer free set-up stores and easy-to-use listing services. Your antique will be noticed and you can get the best value for it. Here are a few places to sell...

  • 25

    Great Gifts for Backyard Bird Watchers

    5 years ago

    If you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite backyard birdwatcher, look no further. Here are some unique and useful gift ideas that will bring a smile to their face.

  • 41

    World's Most Remote Churches

    6 years ago

    Tucked away in some of the most remote parts of the world are both large and little churches. Some have been there a very long time. Others have sprung up to fill the religious needs of small rural communities. There is something very human and...

  • 14

    Websites For Veterans

    5 years ago

    There are places on the Internet where both military veterans and active service members can gather. Their unique experiences are best understood by others who have served. Here are a few excellent sites for U.S. veterans to meet.

  • 20

    12 Wonderful Weather Websites

    5 years ago

    Weather affects our everyday life. There are places you can go to keep informed about the weather - both in your own backyard and around the world. Here are a few websites that do just that.

  • For Her Own Good - A Short Story

    For Her Own Good - A Short Story

    4 years ago

    Sometimes friends aren't what we think they are. This short story is about selfish deceit and the thwarting of a love story.

  • Blue Ridge Mountain Beauty

    Blue Ridge Mountain Beauty

    6 years ago

    The Blue Ridge Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the world. Rich in history, it is an area where nature is at its best. The vistas seem to go on forever. . .

  • 47

    Katydid - Summer Music Maker

    7 years ago

    The sounds of a summer night are awesome. The katydid is a large contributor to the concert and its song enhances the land.

  • 34

    Seven Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs

    18 months ago

    Take advantage of the allure of trinkets and gems by becoming part of a jewelry affiliate program. Here are seven jewelry affiliate programs you won't want to miss.

  • 39

    Margaret Corbin - Revolutionary War Soldier

    6 years ago

    Margaret Corbin fought beside her husband during the Revolutionary War. It was not unusual for women to accompany their soldier husbands in the fields. They were called "camp followers" and would tend to cooking and laundry chores as well as nurse...

  • 39

    Valaida Snow - Jazz's Lady Louis

    6 years ago

    Valaida Snow was one of the most energetic and hard- working women in the show business world. Often referred to as "The Female Louis Armstrong", she proved herself to be a multi-talented entertainer. Her mother taught her to play several musical...

  • 67

    America's Quirkiest Towns

    5 years ago

    America's diversity is a known fact. Some may say it is eccentric. From the California coast to the Maine seashore lies a cornucopia of regional idiosyncrasies and custom that can only be called unique. There are towns that stand out. We could say...

  • 36

    15 Websites For Your Do-It-Yourself Projects

    6 years ago

    There's something satisfying about doing it yourself. Whatever project you decide to tackle, there are numerous resources on the Internet to ease the way. Here are a few websites to guide you along.

  • 42

    World's Best Echoes

    6 years ago

    Echoes can be eerie and awesome. There are places around the world where conditions are perfect to experience echoes. Here are some of them.

  • 47

    10 Unusual Contests To Enter

    5 years ago

    Everybody likes to be a winner. Around the world there are unique contests that will test your skill as well as your sense of humor. Here are ten unique contests you might want to enter.

  • 94

    Websites For The Thinking Woman

    5 years ago

    Women have made great strides in the last 200 years. There are websites specifically for the thinking woman where they can celebrate their successes and share knowledge.

  • 55

    Unusual Map Websites

    4 years ago

    Maps aren't just for driving. They can depict many things besides direction. These unusual map websites will intrigue you.

  • 57

    Bootlegging In America

    6 years ago

    In America's 1920's, bootlegging was big business. Because of Prohibition, the illegal manufacture and sales of alcohol spawned an underground and lucrative business.

  • 59

    10 Sports For The Unathletic

    6 years ago

    Some of us are naturals when it comes to sports. Some of us are not. If you're unathletic, there are sports designed just for you. Here are a few.

  • 55

    Global Incident Map

    5 years ago

    Something is happening somewhere in the world all the time. The Global Incident Map can keep you informed.

  • 63

    12 Great Websites For Movie Buffs

    6 years ago

    Movie buffs like to know everything they can about movies. Here are some great websites dedicated to movie-lovers who want to know it all.

  • 78


    5 years ago

    There have always been ambivalent feelings about the American hobo. Both a romanticized figment of the country's imagination and an integral part of American society, the hobo established its own unique culture. The word "hobo" was first coined in...

  • World's Best Fireworks Displays

    World's Best Fireworks Displays

    5 years ago

    Fireworks are a passion for some and a well anticipated activity for others. Around the world pyrotechnics have advanced and many exceptional fireworks displays are there to be enjoyed.

  • 102

    12 Awesome Websites For Teens

    6 years ago

    Teens need to connect with other teens. Thanks to the Internet it couldn't be easier. Here are some smart, safe sites your teenager will love to explor.

  • 38

    The Old-Fashioned Art Of Cameo Carving

    5 years ago

    Cameo carving is an old art. The first documented cameo carved was as far back as 332 BC. Cameos are defined by contrast. They almost always feature a raised relief image (the positive) combined with intaglio which is the negative image. Throughout...

  • 58

    10 Best Websites For Seniors

    6 years ago

    The Internet is no longer dominated by the young. Older adults now surf the Web like pros. Here are some senior-specific sites to explore.

  • 38

    Music Of Biblical Times

    2 years ago

    The ancient music of Biblical times was often a form of praise. Writings of the time are filled with testimonies of music's power to perform miracles, to heal and to bring about transformation. One important characteristic of ancient language itself...

  • 73

    Eight Pet Affiliate Programs That Might Be Right for You

    18 months ago

    Pets are a big business. People will spend copious amounts of money to keep their pets happy. If you have a pet-oriented website, you may want to check out these pet product affiliate programs.

  • Pop Culture Icons

    Pop Culture Icons

    5 years ago

    Standing the test of time means a trend or idea has achieved longevity and remains valid and valued over a long period of time. It is a measurement of greatness. It is not a one hit wonder. In this fast moving world, things come and they go. Only...

  • 25

    Civil War Music

    5 years ago

    During the American Civil War, music served a vital role in the war effort. It lifted spirits as well as kept the soldiers in step.

  • Flea Markets Around the World

    Flea Markets Around the World

    6 years ago

    Everybody loves a flea market. There is good fun in finding treasures there. Around the world, flea markets draw crowds and families. Here are some of the world's best flea markets.

  • 11

    10 Funny Cooking Shows

    6 years ago

    Television cooking shows have become very popular. They offer great recipes and cooking tips. But some are also fun to watch. Here are a few cooking shows whose colorful chefs will make you smile.

  • 12

    10 Plant and Seed Catalogs to Brighten the Winter Season

    5 years ago

    Gardeners in the heart of winter are like children wishing for Christmas in July. We can't wait to get out there and plant the garden of our dreams. We scan the landscape, planning our springtime efforts. We browse the usual catalogs wondering if it...

  • 29

    Tatting - Is It A Lost Art?

    6 years ago

    Most of us remember grandmother's doilies on the arm of a chair. The lace tablecloths and bureau scarves and handkerchiefs were as comforting to us as the smell of apple pie cooling in the kitchen. Lace is now old-fashioned, those old doilies now...

  • Pet Talk

    Pet Talk

    5 years ago

    Anyone who has pets loves to talk about them. And it's always great to see what other pet owners are doing to ensure their pets have a happy and healthy life. Thanks to the Internet, there are ample meeting places for pet lovers to share and learn. Here are a few.

  • 6

    Top 10 Gardening Forums, Chat Rooms, and Communities

    11 months ago

    Looking for online gardening support and advice? Here are ten of my favorite gardening forums, chat rooms, and communities.

  • Healthy Drinks to Love

    Healthy Drinks to Love

    5 years ago

    We all know what both the doctors and the fitness experts say - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. All day long, our bodies require that we hydrate, our organs crave it. Of course, the best choice is water though most of us choose less beneficial drinks...

  • 21

    10 Cool Robots You Will Want to Own

    5 years ago

    Robots may soon become part of everyday life. They may not only vacuum the carpet but may provide help with other household chores, entertain us or simply keep us company. Here are a few.

  • 16

    10 Musical Instruments Anyone Can Play

    6 years ago

    If you are anything like me and not musically inclined, learning to play guitar or piano is out of the question. But everyone loves music and appreciates the heart and soul that goes into making your own. So I went on a quest to find something even...

  • 50

    10 Best Recipe Websites

    5 years ago

    For recipe ideas there is no better place than the Internet. Just a click of the mouse brings you to cooking websites packed full of delicious recipes. Here are some of the best.

  • 8

    Mountain Laurel - Queen of the Forest

    5 years ago

    Mountain laurel is native to the eastern United States and is always a delight when it blooms in the early spring. This evergreen shrub gives life and color to the forest.

  • 15

    10 Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette—Are You Rude?

    12 months ago

    To me, there is nothing ruder than a loud cell phone conversation. Yes, I have one and have occasionally broken the rules. But I try very hard not to. Here are 10 basic rules of cell phone etiquette that anyone can observe.


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