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Let me make one thing clear - I hate writing about myself! There are so much more interesting things to write about then my good self! Exciting things, new things, new skills, anything else then myself... But if you insist ;-) I am a photographer fascinated by web 2.0 married to a priest in the church of England, an inclusive, anglican Christian that is owned by a cat. What do you think about this mixture? :-)

Here a short list what I like and dislike:

I like:

Dogs (you would never have guessed this one :-)

Learning new things.

Photography (I should do as I earn my living with it!)

Fractals and digital art (ditto)

Theology and its sister philosophy.

Learning new stuff.

I dislike:

0. Having my photograph taken.

1. Intolerance.

2. Intolerance.

3. Intolerance.

So you could say I am quite intolerant myself ;-) SY

PS English is not my first language, so please excuse the occasional typo ;-)

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