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I am eighteen years of age and currently s Sixth-form student. Having already done one round of Advance level subjects (A-levels) I have studied a wide variety of subjects including, Modern History, Sociology, English Lit, English Lang, Law (English), Psychology, Philosophy, Ethics, Religious Studies, Geography, Criminology and Photography. Quite a wide range many standards but I am a rather spontaneous person.

I spent a large proportion of my life in the child-care system and as a result, I have strong views system and how it operates and what needs to be done in order for children and young people in care to survive and thrive like anybody else. Education is never a priority for a child in care, it's all about survival and meeting targets, and this is something I want to see changed.

My experiences are beyond my years. I've had friends in Youth detention, been in trouble with the law myself, was on the drugs scene and come through the other side of it a stronger a person, more determined to do what is right.

Currently, I'm aiming at finishing my A-levels and continuing my studies onto University to study Psychology further. For recreation I love art, photography and writing as well as rugby, boxing, go-karting and socialising like any other teenager :P

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