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  • How to shop smart

    How to shop smart

    2 years ago

    Shopping is something few of us can avoid. Some people enjoy it and some people put it off as long as possible. Either way, there are dos and don'ts when it comes to getting the things we need.

  • Simple and effective ways to reduce stress

    Simple and effective ways to reduce stress

    2 years ago

    Stress is often a part of life. That stress can take a toll on the mind, body and soul. It is very important to find simple ways to help relieve some of the effects of stress.

  • The warmth of the holiday season

    The warmth of the holiday season

    2 years ago

    Fall and winter are very special times of the year because the air is filled with a unique and wondrous quality. Many people may dread the colder weather but eagerly anticipate the holiday season.

  • Kitchen and cooking tips

    Kitchen and cooking tips

    2 years ago

    "If it's smokin', it's cookin' and if it's burnt, it's done!" This is a popular expression in some areas. Unfortunately, it is true for some people. For them, the kitchen is a dreaded place to be in.

  • Paranormal investigation: Hobby, profession or obsession

    Paranormal investigation: Hobby, profession or obsession

    2 years ago

    People are curious by nature. It is this curiosity that has led them to explore the world around them and beyond. In the realm of the paranormal, curiosity may not always be a good thing.

  • Celebrating a month of Halloween

    Celebrating a month of Halloween

    2 years ago

    Ah Halloween, the one time of year where scaring the daylights out of your friends is accepted and even encouraged. What is it about this day that gets people in the mood to celebrate the macabre?

  • The pros and cons of earning an online income

    The pros and cons of earning an online income

    2 years ago

    Many people earn extra money online. Some people are even able to quit their jobs outside their homes and work exclusively online.

  • Life outside of work

    Life outside of work

    2 years ago

    Work takes up a large chunk of many people's lives. The daily grind of getting up, getting ready and heading to work can get monotonous quickly. It is so important to maintain a life away from work.

  • Personalize the gift-giving experience

    Personalize the gift-giving experience

    2 years ago

    Gift giving seems to have lost some of its purpose and charm. Gift-giving today seems to be done more out of obligation rather than emotion or kindness. It is easy to make gift-giving personal again.

  • Zombies: Viable threat or scare tactic

    Zombies: Viable threat or scare tactic

    2 years ago

    The world can be a scary place these days. It is even scarier when the possibility of zombies walking around can be a real threat. Once considered myth, zombies could become more real than we think.

  • Home decorating with a personal touch

    Home decorating with a personal touch

    2 years ago

    Decorating your home is one way of infusing the space with your personality and flair. Making your own decorations and repurposing items you already have is a fun and inexpensive way of decorating.

  • Fall is a special time of year

    Fall is a special time of year

    2 years ago

    When the you feel a chill in the air and notice the leaves changing colors, Fall has arrived. This time of year people drag out the sweaters and ready the hot cocoa for the cool days ahead.

  • Divorce: Life after marriage ends

    Divorce: Life after marriage ends

    2 years ago

    There are not many couples that plan for a possible divorce while walking down the aisle. When it does happen, it can devastate everyone directly involved. Hearts are broken and lives change forever.

  • Comfort from beyond

    Comfort from beyond

    2 years ago

    The loss of a friend or family member can be devastating. People often feel empty and cheated out of a final goodbye. Some people believe spirits come back to soothe the living before moving on.

  • The allure of the paranormal

    The allure of the paranormal

    2 years ago

    Since the beginning of recorded time, there have been inexplicable events. From ancient alien encounters to a possible zombie apocalypse, the paranormal is all around us.


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