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I enjoy reading and writing about a variety of activities and have many different interests! You'll find me learning (and writing) about many of those interests!

Theater and performing arts: My undergraduate degree is in theatre, and I enjoy all aspects of production and instruction. I have been a professional puppeteer for years, and have enjoyed teaching at several workshops as well as performing for children of all ages. I've also enjoyed acting with a children's theatre group, as well as some theme park productions and street character venues...

Travel and photography: Travel is a fun adventure, and I enjoy taking pictures as I go - whether it's across the ocean or down the street. I also enjoy fun pictures of unusual things, and writing captions or stories to match.

Education and training: My graduate degree is in education and I've worked as a company trainer as well as adjunct instructor. I enjoy teaching, motivating and training others.

Inspiration: As a Christian, it's easy to see the handiwork of God in many 'everyday' things. It's fun to observe and write about those.

Maybe some of my interests will also be yours...Thanks for reading!

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    Creating fun puppets from everyday objects!

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    Create your own puppets with found objects and a little creativity! From cleaning supplies to garden tools, any item can become a puppet - fun for teachers, parents, and puppeteers. The learning process creates a...