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  • Timbuktu Manuscripts

    Timbuktu Manuscripts

    2 years ago

    In mid January 2013, France initiated a military invasion of Mali. Supposedly to suppress the Islamist Rebels gathering in the north and agitating to start their own state. In the meantime, the fate of the many ancient Manuscripts located in...

  • Girl of the Limberlost

    Girl of the Limberlost

    2 years ago

    This is Elnora Comstock, better know as the Girl of the Limberlost. I am planning to read several books written by Gene Stratton Porter - starting with her most famous book - A Girl of the Limberlost. This is the next book I am going to read. This...

  • Dirk Pitt by Clive Cussler

    Dirk Pitt by Clive Cussler

    2 years ago

    I can't remember when I first met Dirk Pitt, but it would have been somewhere around 20 to 25 years ago. He would have to be my most favourite fictional character. Dirk Pitt is described as being a tall man (6 feet 3 inches at least) with wavy...

  • Milly Molly Mandy Books

    Milly Molly Mandy Books

    2 years ago

    Does anyone remember reading Milly Molly Mandy Books when they were kids? Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s I remember reading Milly Molly Mandy books. This is the cover I remember most. This book is the first collection of Milly Molly Mandy...

  • Zanzibar - Exotic Beauty and History

    Zanzibar - Exotic Beauty and History

    2 years ago

    Zanzibar is a large tropical island - located just 6 degrees south of the equator - in the Indian Ocean. The main island of Unguja (aka Zanzibar) is some 20 miles wide and 60 miles long. Even the name of Zanzibar is exotic. Zanzibar has been linked...

  • Isaac Asimov, A Sci Fi Legend

    Isaac Asimov, A Sci Fi Legend

    2 years ago

    Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992) Born in Russia Family immigrated to USA 1923 Raised in Brooklyn, New York City Lived in only 3 places - NYC, Boston, Philadephia Married twice and had 2 children Died in USA. That is the sum of Isaac Asimov's life...

  • Hermes Trismegistus

    Hermes Trismegistus

    2 years ago

    The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is one of the shortest ancient texts to survive to the modern age. That is to say - the tablet itself has not survived - but the text has. The text consists of just 13 lines. Since the first line mentions...

  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook

    2 years ago

    In 1588 (as we all should know) England had decisively won the battle against the Spanish Armada and rendered Spain powerless, thus allowing England to become the dominant power at sea over the next 3 centuries. Despite that loss however, the...

  • How Canada Got Its Name

    How Canada Got Its Name

    2 years ago

    There was a long drawn out battle between the French and the English for control of Canada. Technically the English got there first - since John Cabot did land on Newfoundland in 1497 and did claim the "new found land" for England. The French did...

  • John and Sebastian Cabot

    John and Sebastian Cabot

    2 years ago

    It is ironic that while Columbus is considered to be the official discoverer of America - he did not really discover America. He just discovered the islands of the Caribbean. No!! The REAL discoverer of the Americas (if you ignore the Vikings) were...

  • Gudrid the Far Traveller

    Gudrid the Far Traveller

    2 years ago

    Her name was Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir. She was a daughter, a wife, a mother, a farmer, a pilgrim and a VIKING. She was born in Iceland (985 CE), married in Greenland, gave birth to her son in North America, went on a pilgrimage to Rome and died in...

  • Pirate William Dampier

    Pirate William Dampier

    2 years ago

    When we think of pirates, we often think of dirty, unsavory fellows with no allegiance to anyone but their crew. However, during much of 1600s and 1700s, there were also state sanctioned pirates. Backed by a country to sack the ships of an enemy...

  • Herodotus, Father of History

    Herodotus, Father of History

    2 years ago

    Herodotus is known as the Father of History because he was the first of the classical writers to organise his writings into logical and subject order and also attempted to verify the veracity (or truth) of what he was writing. Despite that,...

  • Pam Ayres Facts

    Pam Ayres Facts

    2 years ago

    Way back in the 1980s, back in New Zealand, my parents purchased a book of poems and a record LP of an English entertainer named Pam Ayres. For some unknown reason, today she just popped into my brain. I havent heard or seen anything about her for...

  • Top 11 Places to Visit in Alberta

    Top 11 Places to Visit in Alberta

    2 years ago

    Alberta is my favorite Canadian province for its combination of beauty and interesting sites. There are tons of things to do in Albert, especially during a summer vacation. So I thought I would put together my Bucket List of the top 11 places to...

  • 39 Clues Adventure Books

    39 Clues Adventure Books

    20 months ago

    The 39 Clues Adventure began on September 9, 2008 with the publishing of the first book - Maze of Bones. There are 10 books in the complete series detailing the race to find the clues. These books are published by Scholastic. They are aimed at...

  • Collectible Antique Maps

    Collectible Antique Maps

    20 months ago

    History of Antique Maps

  • Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Eggs

    Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Eggs

    20 months ago

    The first thing you have to know about me is that I am NOT Ukrainian. So I have absolutely no knowledge of, and no experience in painting these eggs. But when I recently spotted a beautiful photo of these gorgeous eggs in a magazine, I just had to...

  • Nellie McClung Facts

    Nellie McClung Facts

    2 years ago

    Three months ago in January 2011, I was challenged in the Jenga Game to make a lens about Canadian women's history. So I created this lens about the Womens Suffragette movement focusing on Nellie McClung, one of its earliest and most vocal leaders....

  • David James Elliott Facts

    David James Elliott Facts

    2 years ago

    David James Elliott's real name is actually David William Smith. He was born in Milton, Ontario, Canada in 1960. He is best known for playing the character of Commander Harmon Rabb Junior on the TV series JAG which ran from 1995 to 2005. David...

  • Sam Neill Facts

    Sam Neill Facts

    2 years ago

    The first time I ever saw Sam Neill was in the movie Omen 3 The Final Conflict as the adult Damien Thorne. In that movie he was darkly handsome and very sexy especially with those piercing blue eyes. Damien Thorne was the antichrist and this series...

  • Richard Dean Anderson Facts

    Richard Dean Anderson Facts

    5 years ago

    TV Star, Richard Dean Anderson

  • Trixie Belden Versus Nancy Drew

    Trixie Belden Versus Nancy Drew

    2 years ago

    Everyone has heard of Nancy Drew, right? She is the young female literary detective who is best known in her most recent movie as portrayed by Emma Roberts (left - niece of Julia Roberts). But in this day and age, (21st century) most young people...

  • Marbled Paper Crafts

    Marbled Paper Crafts

    2 years ago

    How to make Marbled Paper

  • Göreme Underground Churches

    Göreme Underground Churches

    2 years ago

    I first discovered Goreme while researching another lens about Historic Sites in Europe that I wanted to visit. As a result of my research, Goreme and the Cappadocia region of Turkey became one of the places in the world that I really wanted to...

  • Aosta, Italy

    Aosta, Italy

    2 years ago

    Aosta? Where the heck is that? Aosta is a small autonomous region, usually under snow for most of the year. A person might call it a winter wonderland, full of history and castles. It sits there on the northern Italian border tucked away under the...

  • Famous Vulcans From Star Trek

    Famous Vulcans From Star Trek

    2 years ago

    There have been 5 different Star Trek TV series and 11 Star Trek movies. This is a brief introduction to some of the more famous Vulcans. Spock is not covered as he has already been profiled on another lens. Names in this introduction include...

  • Pierre Berton - Canadian Icon

    Pierre Berton - Canadian Icon

    2 years ago

    I have made this lens for Rocket Moms University - Session 12 - Lesson 2 - Let's Get Niche My Niche Topic is - Books, Poetry & Writing » Authors » Non Fiction Authors. Pierre Berton's life is divided into 3 distinct periods for the most...

  • The Magdalene Line Trilogy

    The Magdalene Line Trilogy

    2 years ago

    Kathleen McGowan is a well known author. She is notable for her claim to be the descendant of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. Do you believe or do you think that it is possible that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene? There is absolutely no...

  • Perpignan Roussillon

    Perpignan Roussillon

    2 years ago

    Perpignan is an enjoyable city but is somewhat overshadowed by Barcelona. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Perpignan is home to beautiful castles and palaces as well as wonderful historic village houses and buildings. While actually in France, a...

  • Mysteries of the Languedoc

    Mysteries of the Languedoc

    2 years ago

    Mais Oui, Mon Ami. Why yes my friends, the Languedoc is indeed a mysterious place, The Languedoc is full of history that goes back for 2000 years. It has ancient legends of treasures, of saints and royal bloodlines and no one knows for sure if...

  • The Bury St Edmunds Cross

    The Bury St Edmunds Cross

    2 years ago

    Also known as the Cloister Cross, this ivory altar cross was discovered by Thomas Hoving in 1962 while he was a curator of medieval art at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Hoving wrote a book about the discovery, his research into its...

  • Who Is Nicholas Roerich?

    Who Is Nicholas Roerich?

    2 years ago

    Once upon a time, many years ago, while I was searching for new spiritual guidance to replace that which I had rejected, I came across a brief mention of a Russian man named Nicholas Roerich. He was said to be a writer, an artist, a scientist, a...


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