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Hi there folks. I am a amateur blogger that loves to give an opinion on all things tech related.

I am a big fan of technology, and in my free time like to write reviews and report on various tech related matters.

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    • I think my IP is blocked

      I think my IP is blocked

      4 years ago

      My internet provider recently changed my IP for some reason, and whilst I am sure it worked for a few days, I now don't seem to be able to view hubpages.  This is any page whatsoever.  I can access it fine via...

    • To have adsense or Not

      To have adsense or Not

      4 years ago

      I was just looking through my earnings, and I am making way more via hubpages earnings program than I am with my own adsense ads shoing up.  I believe a 3rd or the ads would be my own adsense ones, but it only...

    • Woohooo, just posted my second hub

      Woohooo, just posted my second hub

      5 years ago

      This is pretty cool, just waiting for my second hub to be approved.Anyone know of any good guides to get more traffic to their hubpages, or do people rely on organic traffic?Also, is amazon affiliate items on articles a...

    • Number on profile pic

      Number on profile pic

      5 years ago

      I have a fairly new account, and after my first post it went down to around 25, but now it is back up in the low 40's.What does this mean, and does it have any benefits?

    • Newbie question

      Newbie question

      5 years ago

      Can anyone point me to a comprehensive article about how to use hubpages properly?  I just don't want to mess up, as I understand that moderation is quite strict.Many thanks.