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    Giving It All Away: A Short Story

    14 months ago

    A successful billionaire thought he had it all. But it wasn't until he was plagued by recurring nightmares of environmental destruction and seeing the ugliness of greed, did he realize that he had to make a change. Real wealth, he soon discovered, was taking care of the planet and helping others.

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    Working on Our Shadow Selves

    14 months ago

    In society, we are often taught to run away from the uncomfortable things. But, what if the uncomfortable things that we are trying our best to avoid, hold the keys to living a vibrant and healthier life? Instead of allowing our shadow selves to remain in the dark, why not bring them to the light?

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    The Importance of Teaching Our Children Virtuous Behavior

    5 months ago

    Just as a garden needs attention and care, our children need to be taught the important virtues of being beautiful human beings. Once taught, they will naturally create positive ripples in the world.

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    Things Aren't Always What They Seem: A Short Story

    5 years ago

    We may judge a book by its cover, but things are rarely what they seem. We need to look deeper. Just as clouds can conceal the sun, our pain can blind us from the love that is right before our eyes.

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    A Guided Meditation for Creating Peace and Harmony

    8 years ago

    This guided meditation is a tool for connecting to the peace and harmony that lies at the center of our being. It is our true nature and our gift for transforming the world.

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    What Frequency Are You Tuned In To?

    13 days ago

    Read on to learn about different frequencies— what they are, which are beneficial, and which are aligned with nature.

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    The Campfire: A Guided Meditation

    4 years ago

    For those that suffer from procrastination and self-sabotage, due to low self-worth. This meditation is a powerful tool that works directly with the subconscious mind to change these negative beliefs.

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    The Labyrinth: A Guided Meditation

    9 years ago

    This is a guided meditation utilizing the healing power of nature, as well as the transformational nature of the labyrinth to help us find our center. What is at the center is a force that connects all things together.

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    Please Tell Me Who I Am: The Genius of Supertramp

    14 months ago

    What happened to the magic and awe of childhood? Why do we abandon ourselves in favor of conformity. Supertramp explores some of the deepest questions that we all consider at some point in our life, such as "Who am I? What have we learned?"


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