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Hi. I write to express and share my views. I like to listen and read what is written by other writers.

Hope to hear more from you...

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  • How To Take Care of the Aspin

    How To Take Care of the Aspin

    47 hours ago

    The Aspin (dog native to the Philippines) is just like any other dog breeds. It needs to be cared for. To care for an Aspin, it has to vaccinated, spayed and neutered , groomed and exercised, fed regularly and loved.

  • Please Take Care of the Aspin

    Please Take Care of the Aspin

    3 years ago

    Aspin – short for “asong pinoy” or Filipino dog; Askal – short for “asong kalye” or a dog that lives on the street without an owner. They are native dogs of the Philippines.

  • Anti-Smoke Belching Campaign

    Anti-Smoke Belching Campaign

    4 years ago

    Suggestions on what to do if your vehicle is apprehended allegedly for violation of the anti-smoke belching ordinance or law.

  • The Flooding Problem in Metro Manila

    The Flooding Problem in Metro Manila

    4 years ago

    Flooding is a perennial problem in Metro Manila, Philippines resulting to suspension of classes and office work, stranding of commuters and traffic jams.

  • The Philippine Kalesa

    The Philippine Kalesa

    5 years ago

    THERE WAS A TIME in the Philippines that only the nobles, rich and high ranked officials can afford to ride a “Kalesa” or “Calesa”. A Kalesa is a horse drawn carriage, which according to historical accounts,...