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inside the looking glass

taken on more than before... but somehow less. even still, ive found all the words in the world as of late, and between mommy lover and friend, in the end, i havn't created the time to be here. here's to trying a little harder to do just that. wish me luck...

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  • Beauty in the Normal

    Beauty in the Normal

    15 months ago

    Poetry by the pink umbrella. Enjoy!

  • succubus


    9 months ago

    "one day ill walk away and say, you disappoint me... your better off this way..."

  • Did I Mention That I Love You?

    Did I Mention That I Love You?

    7 weeks ago

    did i mention...that i love you... dripped to me so sweet inside darkened forrest honey suckle treats did i mention that you kiss me with lips that angels covet shoved around, up and down... come on, you...

  • body rush

    body rush

    7 months ago

    i absorbed you last night soaked you into my skin you were more than just invited... you were already in when the breath was taken from me while kissed from you so sweet the world dissolved around me and i...

  • The Four Weirdest people i have ever met in my entire life.

    The Four Weirdest people i have ever met in my entire life.

    7 years ago

    this guy doesn't even come close... Okay, I'll Start with Switch, because I just mentioned him in the comment box of my last hub. This guy was wierd. I was working at a place called...lets just call it cinerjerks....