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  • Is there a secret to attracting women?

    Is there a secret to attracting women?

    12 years ago

    I've been musing about sites promising men they will attract more women using their product lately. Most of them are probably outright scams. Many basically tell you to act like a jerk or otherwise tell you to be something you're not. Almost all of...

  • Self-Realization Fellowship

    Self-Realization Fellowship

    15 years ago

    Introduction The Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) is a religious group that will appear very strange to Western observers. Yet one might also find a certain sense of familiarity in that their lecturing and literature often cite the Bible, even...

  • Clothing as Sacred Model

    Clothing as Sacred Model

    15 years ago

    Many Sikhs can be easily recognized because they have a distinctive mode of dress that sets them apart from other members of society. Most people would readily recognize a Sikh by their turbans and the knife they carry. There are other pieces...

  • The Mormon Sacrament Throughout Life

    The Mormon Sacrament Throughout Life

    15 years ago

    Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints expose their children to the ritual of taking the sacraments from a very early age. It is one of the few rituals Latter-day Saints regularly participate in throughout their lives. Male...

  • Are People Who Pray Happier than Everyone Else?

    Are People Who Pray Happier than Everyone Else?

    15 years ago

    How would you go about investigating the assertion that people who pray on a daily basis are happier than people who pray less often or don't pray at all? Any investigation of an association between prayer and happiness will be fraught with...

  • Religion and Psychology

    Religion and Psychology

    15 years ago

    Sister John of the Cross, the main character of Mark Salzman's novel Lying Awake, offers a very interesting case study in the psychology of religion. I find that in studying this character, no single perspective fully fits Sister John's experience....

  • Were There

    Were There "Others" in the Book of Mormon?

    8 years ago

    It is increasingly common among Book of Mormon scholars to suppose there were other people besides the Jaredites, Lehites, and the Mulekites in the land these groups peopled. However, there are some significant hurdles to overcome before this...

  • The Importance of Due Process Rights

    The Importance of Due Process Rights

    12 years ago

    The government of a country is a very powerful institution, affecting the lives of persons within its borders in the most intimate ways. Governments regulate trade, conduct war with other countries, provide essential services, and most important,...

  • South Dakota's Measure 11 initiative

    South Dakota's Measure 11 initiative

    15 years ago

    I received a mailed advertisement today from VoteYesForLife.com. The advertisement supports Measure 11, an initiative that would ban abortion in South Dakota. The mailer accused “the opposition” of running a deceptive TV ad. I don’t watch...


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