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  • Tips on Using the Push Up Pro and Iron Gym

    Tips on Using the Push Up Pro and Iron Gym

    16 months ago

    I'm sure the everyone has had that hard time of wanting to go back to the gym, but just couldn't because of more important things happening at home. Either you have children and you didn't have enough time or you're too busy at work or school. There...

  • Games About Cooking

    Games About Cooking

    16 months ago

    I know that cooking games are probably the least favorite in the video game genre. But these games can probably work to your advantage if you play them correctly. Some feature puzzles as to how to make a dish or some actually have the recipe on how...

  • NBA Lockout Survival Guide

    NBA Lockout Survival Guide

    16 months ago

    With the lockout in full effect, I know some of you basketball fanatics are depressed about not having a full season (maybe not even one at all). Kind of brings you back to that year where there was only 50 games played due to the last lockout back...

  • Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga

    Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga

    16 months ago

    Two of the hottest music artist of 2011 does not come from a male. But in the art of a female. These two artist are the same, but yet have their own way of attracting the crowd. One appears to be kooky and fun, while the other have a fan base called...

  • Weird Al Yankovic: The Parody Music King

    Weird Al Yankovic: The Parody Music King

    16 months ago

    'Weird Al' Yankovic always found a way to make people laugh with his outrageous takes on some of the most popular songs to ever have come out. What I like about Weird Al is that he's never afraid to push the envelope. If you have a song out that's...

  • Nintendo 3DS Handheld Review

    Nintendo 3DS Handheld Review

    16 months ago

    Fresh off the Nintendo DS comes the brand new Nintendo 3DS. Now when you first see the handheld video game, you'll notice that it looks very similar to the original DS. But there is way more to it that the DS and it has a lot more to offer. The 3DS...

  • Transformers Combiners

    Transformers Combiners

    16 months ago

    During the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, there were always the difference makers that made either side have the upper hand. Whether it be the Autobots or the Decepticons. In this case, the difference makers came in the form of...

  • Mega Man 2 for Gameboy

    Mega Man 2 for Gameboy

    6 years ago

    Mega Man II for the Nintendo Gameboy was just as good as the first one, but it just got better. Don't confuse this MM II with the Mega Man II for the Nintendo Entertainment System for they are two entirely different games. The concept is the same...

  • Basketball Movies

    Basketball Movies

    16 months ago

    The season is looking to become shorter and shorter with this lockout looming over the heads of all NBA fans. I mean who is suffering worse? The players, the executives or us, the fans? It's getting out of hand and we need to get our minds off of...

  • The Evolution of Jodeci

    The Evolution of Jodeci

    16 months ago

    Jodeci was a 1990's R&B group that consisted of four members. Two sets of real life brothers the went by the names of Joseph 'Jo Jo' Hailey, Cedric 'K-Ci' Hailey, 'Mr.' Dalvin DeGrate and Donald 'DeVante Swing' DeGrate. Growing up on the gospel...

  • The History of Megaman (Gameboy Version)

    The History of Megaman (Gameboy Version)

    16 months ago

    Mega Man has been an icon in the video game industry. Starting from his first game on the Nintendo. His games on the portable Gameboy has been just as entertaining as the home version.

  • Transformers Mini Autobots

    Transformers Mini Autobots

    16 months ago

    The Mini Autobots have been just as effective in the battle against the Decepticons as their much larger Autobot car buddies. They can do the things that the larger Autobots due to their smaller sizes

  • The Smurfs History

    The Smurfs History

    16 months ago

    The Smurfs have been around for decades now and have been popular off and on. Whether it be the Saturday morning cartoon, toys or live movie, they have always founf a way into the hearts of many fans.

  • New Edition Tribute

    New Edition Tribute

    16 months ago

    New Edition have been one of greatest boy bands of all time and since then they have matured to becoming legends in the music world as well. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny too.

  • The Jacksons Tribute

    The Jacksons Tribute

    16 months ago

    The Jacksons have always been one of the greatest music groups. But this version of the Jacksons (1976-1989) have been less talked about than the previous Jackson 5, but made a superstar in Michael.

  • The Black Eyed Peas

    The Black Eyed Peas

    16 months ago

    The Black Eyed Peas has been in the music game for years and despite their recent sabbatical,, Taboo, and Fergie will always be known for their unique style of music.

  • Transformers Autobot Cars

    Transformers Autobot Cars

    16 months ago

    Optimus Prime needed help in his battle against the Decepticons and he got them in the form of the Autobot cars. These band of soldiers went to war with Prime and helped him in numerous of battles.

  • WWE The Lost (Alliance) Era

    WWE The Lost (Alliance) Era

    16 months ago

    Before the Ruthless Aggression Era, before 'Get The "F" Out', after the Attitude Era, there was an era in the WWE that was clearly unnamed. It was 2001, and the WWE had finally claim victory of the Monday Night Wars as it had defeated World...

  • WWE Wrestlemania I - X

    WWE Wrestlemania I - X

    16 months ago

    When the concept of Wrestlemania began, no one would think that it would be successful. But the chairman of the WWE/F took the risk and did it anyways and the results are still taking effect till this day for Wrestlemania became a huge success and...

  • WWE The Rock and Wrestling Era

    WWE The Rock and Wrestling Era

    16 months ago

    The day that Hulk Hogan pinned The Iron Sheik for the WWE/F Title, that signaled the birth of not only Hulkamania, but the birth of the Rock N' Wrestling Era of the WWE. Vince McMahon had come up with a great plan to pair up wrestling with some of...

  • Mega Man IV for Game Boy

    Mega Man IV for Game Boy

    16 months ago

    Mega Man IV is the fourth installment to the Mega Man franchise for the Nintendo Gameboy and it differs from the fourth installment of the NES version for it features four boss robots from Mega Man IV NES and four from Mega Man V NES. They also have...

  • WWE: The New Generation Era

    WWE: The New Generation Era

    16 months ago

    The New Generation starting to come along when you saw the passing of the torch from Hulk Hogan to Bret 'Hitman' Hart. Two wrestlers from the previous era that have come and shined on their own in their prime (or close to it) and till this day still...

  • WWE Modern Era

    WWE Modern Era

    16 months ago

    Some will say that the Modern Era came around Wrestlemania 21 when John Cena and Batista had won the Smackdown and Raw titles respectfully. But I would say that it took a little long for this era to kicking in. Sometime around the mid-late 2006....

  • WWE The PG Era

    WWE The PG Era

    16 months ago

    You could say that the PG Era of the WWE originates from 2009 to Present. Vince McMahon had wanted to tone down the antics that were going down during the previous two eras so they could make the WWE more of a family-oriented company. There were a...

  • WWE The Attitude Era

    WWE The Attitude Era

    16 months ago

    The Attitude Era will go down as probably one of the greatest eras of the WWE both financially and popularity. During the height of the Monday Night Wars with WCW, this era have brought back fans that haven't seen the WWE since the days of Hulk...

  • WWE Generations

    WWE Generations

    16 months ago

    Wrestling fans both old and new can relate to whichever generation of the WWE Universe for it has created so much memories. Come and relive some of these memories which makes this a great organization

  • The History of Optimus Prime

    The History of Optimus Prime

    16 months ago

    Optimus Prime will go down as one of the greatest leaders of the Autobots. Whether it's in car mode or beast mode, Optimus was always willing and able to battle for the people of Earth & Cybertron.

  • Jodeci vs. Boyz II Men

    Jodeci vs. Boyz II Men

    16 months ago

    Jodeci and Boyz II Men have been two of the top music groups during the 90s. But one of these groups is better than the other. This article puts the two in a musical battle to see which is #1.

  • Jodeci

    Jodeci "Forever My Lady" Album Review

    16 months ago

    Jodeci debut album 'Forever My Lady' came out in 1991 and it took the world of R&B by storm. With hits such as 'Come and Talk to Me' 'Stay' and the title album, these we sure to be future classics.


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