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I was born in Arkansas, raised in Alaska, and recently moved from the Badlands of Montana to the beautiful desert of Arizona.

My interests include: writing, photography, gardening, horses, travel, reading, cooking, and baking.

My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, but occasionally, I can be found reading paranormal (vampire and werewolf) and gardening - I know, a heck of a combination, huh? I wonder if there's a werewolf beet...hm...

My bucketlist includes: visit the last 14 US states I haven't been to yet, visit Europe, finish my 4 novels that are in different stages of "almost done," get my 5 year old non-communicative autistic son to talk, teach my husband to pick up his dirty socks, learn to knit, win the lottery, buy a horse ranch, and sail from California to Alaska.

Odd facts about me: I like salt on bananas, my best friend (other than my husband) is a llama, I love to write - have no problem getting started but seem to run into a wall shortly after starting, and I hate to wear shoes.

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