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I found writing by chance. Upon entering college, I had this crazy notion of wanting to enter politics. After one class and at the nudging of a good friend, I was introduced to poetry. One of the hardest lessons I learned is that I am no poet. Though I still write poetry, it has become an exercise rather than a calling. What I carry with me is the knowledge that I have a passion for religion, philosophy, and the narrative. As each is an attempt to understand life and our experiences, I too have come to the realization that passé opinions and general coddling destroyed areas of much needed improvement. I always welcome informed criticism and far respect the individual that can see perspectives.

We are defined by the events in which we participate. We are what we experience. We are individuals, imprisoned only by those we allow to do as such.

"What we share with another ceases to be our own." --Cicero (Seems he knew about Roland Barthe’s essay The Death of the Author before he did.)

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