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Exploring Oklahoma through fascinating stories, unique histories, and interesting trivia...

Owner of Oklahoma Traveler and Executive Director of the Poteau Improvement Project.

NOW PUBLISHED: The Birth of Poteau and Stories of the Mountain Gateway! Both are now available on Amazon.

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So why is Poteau so important to the history of Oklahoma? During the late 1800s, LeFlore County was the hub of outlaws and bandits. It was a lawless land where these cast-offs from society had free reign. Poteau, being the largest town in LeFlore County, was frequented by such legends as Belle Starr and Frank James. As the town grew, it never lost those wild and rugged ways of the early days. The Birth of Poteau tells of how Poteau Switch grew up from being a wicked frontier town to LeFlore County's largest cities.


Since 2002, I have worked as a freelance writer. Before making a career out of writing, I spent several years in both the construction field and as an I.T. specialist.

I became interested in history while living in Naples, Florida. During that time, the city was working on revitalization efforts to help improve the historic downtown area. While on a construction job downtown, I developed close ties with the business owner, who was working on the revitalization project. Through him, I got heavily involved in the historical research efforts that was taking place. Since then, history has always fascinated me.

In 2002, I started writing part-time. After moving to Oklahoma in 2003, I left the cooperate world of 8-5 workdays and set out to make a career out of writing. I began as a ghostwriter working on small projects that barely paid the bills. Most of my time was spent mainly working on technical projects and business writing, but my true passion lie in writing about history.

After struggling with with this for many years, in 2009, I began writing historic articles and tourism articles about Oklahoma. While I still take on many freelance jobs, my main focus now is on writing about Oklahoma.

It is as they say: I love being a writer, I just can't stand the paperwork.


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