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Merry Meet and welcome to the online presence of VAMPGYRL420, professionally known as Windy Mason; but most commonly recognized as Windy Grace. Allow me to introduce myself a little. My hopes are to become your friend rather than just someone whose work you read online, although that's awesome, too : )

I'm a freelance writer from the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia and have been published in an online magazine, http://www.wildponytales.info, as well as in all of our local newspapers.

At 36 years young, I am an attached and dedicated girlfriend as well as a mother of six beautiful children. I have been following my personal spiritual path as a practicing solitary Wiccan/ kitchen Witch for over 23 years.

To clarify, my pen name here is VAMPGYRL420, because I'm a little different (far from the mainstream) and I believe the legalization of marijuana would benefit the global economy through tax and trade as well as the removal of the funding needed for the war on drugs and the cost to jail those who break prohibition. It would help humanity by decreasing the amount of violent crimes, the need for anti-depressants and better our interactions with one another as coexisting human beings on this planet with equal rights.

Reading my Hubs, you will find that I'm a philosopher, a humanitarian and am very random. You never know what type of Hubs I’m going to publish. I enjoy learning and writing about a very wide variety of topics. I could be considered a knowledge junky.

If you don’t have an open mind, my Hubs may not be for you. My writing is designed to make my audience think, use their own minds, and not be controlled by what is considered the norm. Afterall, who truly knows what normal is? The differences in our ways colors our world and makes it an exciting place to be.

Rather you like or dislike my hubs, I appreciate any and all feedback. Knowing what your audience likes and dislikes helps you to become a better writer.

In conclusion, I wish you the very best in all that you do and a wonderful day ahead. Your smile is artwork in its purist form. Enjoy!

Love & Light,

Windy Grace

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